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pizza and beer second date

i am looking for a not-too-casual place where i can take a second date to eat good pizza that has an extensive beer menu as well. i'm thinking a wine-bar style with a small menu, including pizza, but with beer instead of wine, but i can't think of any restaurants that fit the bill. can you?

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  1. arturo's n Houston
    great charred pie, classic village joint
    even live music on the weekends

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    1. not a huge beer list at all but i swear by keste for a simple pizza date...perhaps you go there, put your name on the list and then wait at blind tiger and have a beer.

      pizza is insane at keste.

      1. Go to Veloce pizza in the East Village. Get the white clam, 5 onion, or mushroom pizza. It's sicilian style (square), but the crust isn't grossly thick - it's thin and buttery and crispy and heavenly. Place has the vibe of a wine bar and a good list. Also great meat and cheese plate specials.

        1. Not fitting the bill exactly but Posto on 2nd avenue has excellent pizza, a very cozy low lit vibe for a date and a decent selection of beer. I know they have Duvel and Leffe Blond for sure. I truly don't know if your going to get much closer then this. If someone has something better I would love to know as well!

          1. I've had a good pizza/beer experience at Co. on 9th and 24th. The wait can be a little long, and the beer list not as extensive as one would hope, but the pizza is great. They have a decent selection of New York microbrews.

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              1. If your willing to go to Brooklyn, Franny's will fill the bill.

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                  Also Toby's Public House and Roberta's.

                  And while I am not a huge fan of Co.'s pizza, I think it would fit the requirements you are looking for. A good date spot with decent wine and beer selections.

                2. motorino brooklyn
                  then on to juniors for a slice of cheesecake

                  1. San Marzano in the Lower East Side. It's not cozy like a wine bar, but good ambiance, not-too-casual, and they have shockingly reasonably priced beers. Okay, not super fancy beers, but Blue Moon for $3, Blue Point Toasted Lager/Magic Hat #9 for $4, and Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout or Duvel for $5! That's ridiculous! Also, the pizza is pretty tasty!

                    Blue Moon Mexican Cafe
                    1444 1st Ave, New York, NY 10021

                    Blue Point
                    662 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036

                    San Marzano
                    71 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002

                    1. if you take her to Motorino you WILL get lucky

                      349 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003