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Jul 13, 2010 08:22 AM

pizza and beer second date

i am looking for a not-too-casual place where i can take a second date to eat good pizza that has an extensive beer menu as well. i'm thinking a wine-bar style with a small menu, including pizza, but with beer instead of wine, but i can't think of any restaurants that fit the bill. can you?

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  1. arturo's n Houston
    great charred pie, classic village joint
    even live music on the weekends

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    1. not a huge beer list at all but i swear by keste for a simple pizza date...perhaps you go there, put your name on the list and then wait at blind tiger and have a beer.

      pizza is insane at keste.

      1. Go to Veloce pizza in the East Village. Get the white clam, 5 onion, or mushroom pizza. It's sicilian style (square), but the crust isn't grossly thick - it's thin and buttery and crispy and heavenly. Place has the vibe of a wine bar and a good list. Also great meat and cheese plate specials.

        1. Not fitting the bill exactly but Posto on 2nd avenue has excellent pizza, a very cozy low lit vibe for a date and a decent selection of beer. I know they have Duvel and Leffe Blond for sure. I truly don't know if your going to get much closer then this. If someone has something better I would love to know as well!

          1. I've had a good pizza/beer experience at Co. on 9th and 24th. The wait can be a little long, and the beer list not as extensive as one would hope, but the pizza is great. They have a decent selection of New York microbrews.

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