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Jul 13, 2010 08:18 AM

Johnny Ad's. Abbot's, or Flanders Fish Market

We are going for lunch in the Old Saybrook, East Lyme, or Mystic area. I have been to Abbot's in Noank and to Flander's fish market in East Lyme, in but I have never been to Johnny Ad's in Old Saybrook. Has anyone been to all three? How is the food at Johnny Ad's? How does it compare to the others?

Johnny Ad's Drive-In
910 Boston Post Rd, Old Saybrook, CT 06475

Flanders Fish Market
22 Chesterfield Rd, East Lyme, CT 06333

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  1. Johnny Ad's is good for what it is; a shack specializing in fried sea critters. Their hot dogs aren't bad either.

    1. We recently stopped At Johnny Ad's after a couple year hiatus. I feel like for the price they could have probably afforded to use clean oil in their fryers. Underwhelmed in general. We've been to Flanders but not tried any of their fried offerings.

      1. Johnny Ad's food is ok, but it is typical clam shack (and hot dogs), and is not up to the sit-down dinners at Flanders F.M. And the view is definitely not in the same category as Abbot's. While I patronize all three at various times, I probably go to Lenny & Joe's Fish Tale in Westbrook more often.

        Lenny & Joe's
        Westbrook, CT, Westbrook, CT

        Fish Tale Restaurant
        86 Boston Post Rd, Westbrook, CT 06498

        1. I went to Abbot's last summer and was highly disappointed (and rather shocked since I've always had good meals there.) The clams were inedible and the lobster was flavorless. None of the seafood seemed fresh at all.

          Johnny Ad's is always consistenly good for me.

          Can't speak to Flander's Fish market.


          1. Go across the bridge from Niantic to the fish market right on the river. The place is certainly not fancy but the fish is fresh, affordable and plain good. Stay away, far away from Flanders FM. But for a great time, go to the Recovery Room in New London. It is right next door to the hospital. Tremendous salads, great pizza and excellent entrees. Also in New Londom is Tony's. Authentic Italian with Tony's mother in the kitchen most nights. It is just a good time with great food and fabulous, fabulous bar men.

            Recovery Room Restaurant
            445 Ocean Ave, New London, CT 06320

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              Hi Jvaill40, would you give the name of the Fish Market you mentioned in your post. While we may not get back to Niantic this season it will be good to have for next summer.