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Jul 13, 2010 07:57 AM

sunday brunch buffet - Fairmont Waterfront or Pan Pacific?

Last time we were in North America we had a Sunday brunch buffet (in Vermont) and really enjoyed the experience - we may wish to repeat it on our forthcoming trip to Vancouver.

From my reading the Fairmont Waterfront seems a good bet and all the guides seem to comment on how much of an institution the buffet at the Pan Pacific is (which very often in my experience doesn't equate to good).

So the question is am I missing somewhere( we would like a high quality buffet not a la carte on this occasion) and what if anything does the Pan Pacific offer to make it worth the extra $10 it charges. (and actually in general what does the Pan Pacific offer - the Fairmont Waterfront lists their offering the Pan Pacific does not.)

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  1. Never had the Sunday brunch at Pan Pacific so I can't comment. But I've had several (too many ?) special-occasion brunch buffets at Fairmont (Griffins) and Hyatt (Mosaic) and I liked Hyatt's better for the food, but Fairmont for the ambiance.

    1. i got a free sunday brunch at the pan and I was still SORELY dissapointed...all the cooked food was meh...the desserts were supermarket worthy...and honestly

      1. Would you consider the Sunday Brunch Buffet at the Sutton Place Hotel? My friends seem to enjoy it, especially the chocoholic portion of Buffet.

        Here's a link to more info:

        1. Was quite surprised to read this about the Pan Pacific Brunch as this is not my experience. I have taken friends, family and business clients to their Sunday Brunch and on every occasion had excellent quality of food & service. If a certain food item is running low its either quickly replaced or you just have to ask one of the staff. The view is great and in the summer its nice to sit out on their patio and enjoy the ambience and thrill of the busy harbor especially if you have children the activity with the cruise ships, float planes keeps them busy.

          I recall while dinning with friends we did arrive late in the afternoon and the dessert section had just been raided by some overzealous tourists took all the chocolate mousse and crème brulée . (Some taking two or three). My friends young daughter was disappointed as she wanted a mousse. I didn’t even have to ask the person replenishing the desserts overheard our conversation advised us that more were coming from the kitchen and would bring one to our table when they arrived. They did.

          We have been to other hotel buffets and they also offer a good standard of food and service and we keep returning to the Pan Pacific as we have never walked away feeling it wasn’t worth it, which has not been the case at the other establishments.

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            I had a similar experience. King Crab legs and claws were being served. A few people took all that had been laid out on the table. I asked a staff member when more was coming , and a full plate of crab legs and claws were brought to my table promptly.

            All the juice are fresh squeezed. The oysters are amazing! I usually don't like raw oysters, but the oyster at the sunday brunch were so fresh and clean tasting !

            On special occasions they bring in a Sushi Chef. Only wild fish is used , including real crab! The sushi is as good as Tojo's which is very very expensive. Even the golden ginger is of very good quality( the red coloured ginger has food colouring and aspartame - the kind found in most sushi houses)

            Selection is great. Lots of different types of food including roast prime rib, roast lamb, steak, eggs benedict, dim sum, salmon wellington, etc.

            Everything is great and i have been several times.

            Cafe Pacifica - Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver
            300 - 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC V6C 3B5, CA

          2. thanks for the replies, really contradictory stuff on the Pan Pacific - don't know what to make of it. The Sutton Place certainly does look like another good option as does the Hyatt - even less clear than before which to choose - will probably have to draw straws to decide.

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              I've never had brunch at any of these places so I'm no help there but if you end up tossing a coin, you might want to make your decision on proximity or the property itself. I'd hazard that Pan Pacific or Sutton Place would be best for the latter and you'd know regarding the former based on where you're staying. FWIW I had to eat every meal at Mosaic for two weeks a couple of years ago during a lengthy arbitration and I found the room a bit generic and the food the same, though not offensive in any way. Service was always a bit slow too which surprised me in a hotel resto catering to business travellers.

              1. re: grayelf

                "FWIW I had to eat every meal at Mosaic for two weeks a couple of years ago during a lengthy arbitration and I found the room a bit generic and the food the same ...."

                Almost a punishment in itself ?

                1. re: LotusRapper

                  It was for me, as admittedly I get bored of the same food when dining out. The weirdest thing was the slow service -- we went there to save time from travelling to another venue but I think it might have been faster to go to the food court :-(.