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Jul 13, 2010 07:44 AM

Crown Chicken Long Branch

Tried Crown Chicken last night in LB....french fries were VERY good crisp and no taste of stale oil......But I was disappointed with the chicken it was just OK....not very crispy, very typical almost like KFC style, the dinner rolls were terrible & so was the dismal watery cold slaw........I still prefer POPEYES Chicken in Neptune and bisuits which are IMO much better. in every way.

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  1. Hey Tapas, it looks like you're tearing through Long Branch! I love the Broadway area of LB for the numerous ethnic joints.

    I used to get Crown Chicken for lunch all the time when I worked in Oceanport..it is what it is - an ok neighborhood "ghetto style" fried chicken joint. I prefer Kennedy Fried Chicken in Asbury for this style. It's tough to justify going to Crown when there are so many other great ethnic options in the area.

    There are a few other Mexican/Latin places off broadway that also serves up terrific stuff. Start near Oaxaqueno and just start driving up and down every street and there are so many options. We should do a LB ethnic tour together. :)

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      joonjoon.....yes, although I live in South Jersey, I love the LB area also, 6 of my favorite places are in LB...as I do business there weekly and try em all rotating lol...

      Ming Ling Chinese Montgomery Ave
      Scalas Pizzeria Brighton ave
      Joannes Italian deli Morris ave
      Le Avenue pier village
      El Oaxaqueno memorial pkwy
      Aida's Taste Broadway

      Ps for fried chicken I shoot over to Popeyes in Neptune...love the cajun Red Rice & Beans & buttered Biscuits YUM

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        I love Popeyes. I have only been to the one in Neptune, but I like how nice and clean they keep it. It's a bit of drive but well worth it. Is Crown Chicken the place on Broadway across from McDonald's?

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          Yeah that's the one. A little while back my friends and I did a taste test of local fried chicken joints...the winner? Kentucky Fried Chicken. That's my personal fave also.

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            What about Jamesons? Have you had their fried chicken? I have never been but have always wanted to go.

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              I really like the fried chicken from Jamesons and At the Table, but unfortunately they were not included when we did the taste test. I know this is going to sound ridiculous but for some reason i just really love the flavor of KFC chicken, even over the best non-chain chicken joints. And I really love their cole slaw. And their gravy and mash. :)

              If I'm at Jameson's I skip the fried stuff and go straight for the Oxtail.

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                When I'm at Jamesons I always go for the ...Ribs, Catfish collard greens, mac/cheese, cornbread,pie...it's always good there.

                1. re: Tapas52

                  Agreed on both Jamesons and At the Table - both have some of the best chicken and soul food around.

                  We should have a summer Chow crawl and post our results!

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                      Me too. BTW, Tapas, nice picture of Bob.

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                        bgut1....yes and such a nice man also! i need some "SOUL" very soon ;)

      2. hahah not to be negative at all, but i find this funny. i lived half a block away the last few years, just moved, and never thought of crown as an actual option for comida. it was more a place for buying cigs or blunts at 2 am, once in awhile potato wedges. a lot of friends in the area swear by the beef patties...but...haha i dont know, this whole thread's presence on chowhound is humorous, but in a good way! take care be safe, sketchy late night

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          I'm probably in the minority here, but I personally find places like Crown Chicken far more exciting than regular restaurants. :)