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Jul 13, 2010 07:23 AM

Jean-Georges cooking @ Market 7/13 & 7/14

Anyone got more information on this? Supposedly he will be cooking at Market in the W Hotel on 7/13 and 7/14 to celebrate Bastille day.

Wondering if there's going to be a special menu and what prices may be.

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  1. Looks like it's a Bastille Day Celebration:


    Assume they'll have some sort of tasting menu and/or prix fixe....

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    1. re: Ducksworth

      Von Gerichten is a chef and that means a manager; he is not basically a cook. But his presence may keep the staff on their toes. I eat at his eponymous restaurant in new york frequently and it is one of my favorites.

    2. Dave Gilson (Herb Lyceum) told me Jean-Georges shopped the Copley Square Farmers' Market today.


      Copley Square Farmers' Market
      170 St James Ave, Boston, MA 02116