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Aug 5, 2005 03:26 PM

Palos Verde Dining for New Yorker Chowhounds!

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Visiting relatives in this area and might have one night to go out. Any recommendation?

We love seafood and most ethnic foods...especially Italian and French!

Thanks for your help!

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    Sunshine Girl

    Palos Verdes Estates and Rancho Palos Verdes are lovely, but they certainly aren't the culinary mecca of LA.

    Most restaurants around are more for the view than anything else. You might want to try either of the restaurants at Trump National (aka Ocean Trails), as the views are amazing. Not French or Italian, and the food certainly won't be the most amazing thing you've ever had, but certainly very good (and pricey).

    There's also Le Rive Gauche over in Malaga Cove (part of Palos Verdes), but I've never been so can't vouch for its other points.

    Mind you, you will be 15 minute drive from Long Beach, which has quite a few decent places to choose from, and if view doesn't matter, just chow, you might want to try Marcello Tuscany Room in San Pedro for quite good (IMHO) Italian.

    Enjoy the weekend!

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    1. re: Sunshine Girl

      The hottest thing on the peninsula is Bistro 767, for pricey but very good California/French. It's the best meal on the hill.

      A place that is decent and much less expensive is the Think Bistro, under the same ownership as the Think Cafe in downtown San Pedro, but more upscale. It's good traditional French bistro food for the most part, but competently done. They have a nice wine list with some odd bottles - the owner is a wine importer specializing in South African wines.

      Marcello's Tuscany Room just changed ownership, and I haven't been there since. Food was highly variable under the old ownership, but it is a really beautiful room.

      Rive Gauche is clasic French but more than a little tired. Pretty place, live harpist, but not the most memorable food.

      For Italian, try Buona Sera in Riviera Village. A bit loud, but best in the area.

      1. re: FoodObsessive

        Concur on Rive Gauche.

        1. re: Christine

          If the ethnic restaurants are not outstanding, we would also enjoy a seafood restaurant; with creative fish preparation. Can anyone put us on track with that request?

          Thanks for all the suggestions!

          1. re: Hope

            I'm surprised that Admiral Risty hasn't been mentioned yet...


            1. re: Joe B.

              Interesting suggestion! I haven't been there for over 20 years and haven't even thought of it since.

              Please, tell us about the eats.

              1. re: Christine

                Admiral Risty is very old school but very reliable and they have excellent fresh fish. They are famous for their cioppino and I love the thick-cut almond crusted halibut. Probably my favorite halibut in all of LA County.

            2. re: Hope

              Another local option for seafood is 22nd Street Landing in San Pedro. Fairly casual but nice atmosphere, on the water. It's been about a year since I dined there, but it everyone in our party enjoyed the food. It might be a little more contemporary than Risty's (about which I'd like to learn more from the other poster).

              I didn't notice that either of these serves California Sand Dabs, which might be a special treat for you. I've never seen them on menus in other states.


              1. re: Hope

                I love the fish dishes at Trump National (Ocean Trails) in Palos Verdes. The chef there does very nice salmon, bass, or whatever is fresh that day with great sauces and sides with a slight Cal-French touch. The decor is a little "Golden Girls" but don't let that get in the way of the expertly prepared food.

        2. A really good Chinese Restaurant right up the hill
          is Sezauhn Seafood on PCH in Torrance . Turn right
          on PCH ,and it is on the left side at the corner of
          OAK about 3 or 4 lights. Also in Redondo Beach,Thai
          Thani , also on PCH 310-316-1580,1109 S.PCH. The phone
          for Sezuahn is not in the book , but maybe it is
          listed online, but it is very good.

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          1. re: nyneal

            It's in Lomita, close to the border of Torrance. On top of that, Szechwan is one of the hardest words in the world to spell; I am so relieved that the Chinese switched to "Sichuan."

            Szechwan Chinese Food
            2107 Pacific Coast Hwy
            Lomita, CA
            (310) 534-2280

            Regal Palace, also on Pacific Coast Highway in Lomita, has surprisingly good dim sum considering the area. Of course, now I can't find a listing for them.

            If you're from NYC, though, neither of these is better than what you can get at home. You'd need to go to the San Gabriel Valley for more unusual Chinese.

            1. re: nyneal

              Better and far more unusual Chinese food in the area is Shanghai Palace in Torrance, in a nondescript location next to a motel. If you call in advance they can make an Eight Treasures Chicken that is excellent, or a bizarre but fine Chinese haggis. Specialty of the house is seafood. Even if you never liked sea cucumber anywhere else, try it here, or order the excellent sauteed baby eels with leeks. Only dish to avoid is the hot and sour soup - they make it because people keep requesting it, but their heart isn't really in it.

            2. So what I'm hearing is, never eat in Palos Verdes under any circumstances:) Too bad, as I got engaged there, but it was during a picnic on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Food courtesy of Bay Cities.

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              1. re: ElJeffe

                What you are hearing is ignorance. There are plenty of great places to eat in the PV/San Pedro area, particularly some excellent Italian, deli, seafood, and breakfast joints in Pedro. Try searching "San Pedro + Italian" for recent threads to get an idea. Definitely no need to drive in soggy sandwiches from miles away

              2. I can't believe no one mentioned Cafe Cego, it is a small cozy place on the Brick Walk in back of the Rolling Hills Bristol Farms, the Owner Gerhart Moser, is a German, and adds a few Germen dishes to the menu. My favorites are the Crab curry soup, the beef straganoff made with filet mignon, and his famous chocolate souffle.
                777 Deep Valley drive 310-541-2600