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Jul 13, 2010 07:01 AM

360 CN Tower restaurant ??

We'll be in Toronto this upcoming weekend and made a reservation at the 360 CN Tower restaurant for Saturday night. What should I expect? Good food, or just so-so? Any recommendations?

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  1. Well, you get a nice (rotating!) view. I never thought the food was terrible there, it's just not a place I'd go to dine. However, it's a great way to bypass the line up (not sure how long they are anymore) for sure. That's if you wanted to go up the CN Tower in the first place.

    If you just want a nice view of Toronto with good food, Canoe would be my pick. Not open on weekends though.

    --- -- food. is. love.

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    1. re: jlunar

      Thanks! That's exactly what we thought as well. We're three girls and one of us really wants to go up the tower. We thought the best way would be to combine both... As long as it's fairly decent, we'll be happy.

      Any specific food recommendations?

      1. re: Nifms

        Their prix fixe menus are probably your best bet - $55/$60, depending on choice of main.

        Despite what the link says, this is the dinner prix fixe menu.

      2. re: jlunar

        Not only do you bypass the line-up (if there is one) but your admission to the observation decks (main indoor and outdoor levels but not the very top one in the needle) are free if you order entrees. When you consider how expensive it is to go up just to look, that's a deal. And the food is fine.

      3. i found the food rather wedding banquet / corporate conference type fare. It's not great, but the view is quite something. Personally, I'd rather go for cocktails at Canoe, but if one of your group has to see the tower than I'd take it for what it's worth and enjoy.

        1. The food tries hard, and it's fine. It is more expensive than what it's worth if considering just the food alone, but keeping in mind the view and the included ticket price, I would say it's worth it. Hope you have a clear day and can see far and wide!

          1. The food is ok, don't expect anything mind blowing, my gf and I had the prixe fixe and to me it was a little on the bland side, and everything was pretty much overcooked (esp the chicken main) but I kinda thought of it this way...

            It's 25 dollars to get up there anyways, pay 30 bucks more (for the prix fixe) and you get a dinner at a revolving restaurant with a great view that, while isn't great by any means, won't be terrible either. You get to skip the hour + wait to go up the elevator (making you feel like a rock star) and go down to the observation deck after the meal. That doesn't sound bad at all.

            1. The food is mediocre...certainly not worth the price. I realize the CN Tower is a tourist destination, but 360 really isn't a food destination.

              Better options:
              1. Go to Canoe or Scaramouche on Friday, as they're not open weekends
              2. Have dinner somewhere else and take the CN just to the observation deck
              3. Have dinner somewhere else and go to Panorama afterwards for drinks and the view