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Microstoven cookware (Maxwell and Williams)

Has anybody tried Microstoven cookware? I came across it by chance just now and I'm intrigued.

It's microwave, stove, oven, dishwasher and freezer safe.

More info here:

I didn't find it on Amazon.com.

Amazon.co.uk has a range, but alas - no reviews as yet.

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  1. If you find you need to put a large casserole dish or a tagine in a microwave (of all things...), then you could maybe benefit from this. Otherwise it sounds like just another mediocre cookware company.

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    1. re: Shaw Oliver

      I'm most intrigued by the stovetop functionality... just the thought of browning something in a stoneware casserole dish does my head in.

    2. I am so glad to see someone else intrigued by this collection. I own nearly every piece and am in complete love. Nobody is suggesting to use the tajine in the microwave but it's the sheer brilliance of the product and quality which makes this the best cookware I have ever used. The fact that they have managed to include any function you could possibly ever want into such good looking cookware is incredible. FYI.. the pieces look like they're incredibly heavy but are super light. Highly highly highly recommend. It's available in Canada but not yet in the US.. hmm.. that's a first!! To shaw oliver: M&W is the most recognized brand of tableware in Australia...Hardly mediocre.

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        Yes, I was so surprised that I didn't find it on Amazon.com! I go there every time I want to find a review on something and this is the first time it came up empty.

        I think I'm going to have to seek some out :)

        Thanks for your reply, goldenlady - are you an Aussie like I am?

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          I'm not Aussie but my parents live there now. I first heard of it because my mom has a dinnerware range. Then I ended up seeing it in Canada at the bay. It's distributed by a company called Northdale in Toronto. M&W is such a huge brand in Oz.. hope one day it will be the same in Canada. akki, I actually didn't buy the tajine because I prefer the clay ones. All the other pieces in this collection are brilliant though. The large pots and casserole dishes are my favourite!

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            Thanks for your reply - I'm gonna seek some out :)

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          goldenlady, what is the tajine like? I am considering buying either the Microstoven tagine or an Emile Henry one - your thoughts would help the decision.

          1. I was hunting for ramekins this morning and found microstoven at the Paderno store. I bought a dozen. It's always been a fear that when applying very high heat (for creme brule, coquilles st-jacques, individual moussaka's), that the ramekin will crack. So I will try these out in the coming week making a variation of Sultan's Delight for 9 people. Hopefully it will go well. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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              Terrific, thanks a lot! I hope it works out well for you!

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                I love this stuff! Discovered it about a year and a half ago. It cleans up great, does not chip like teflon, and as advertised works in microwave , oven and on the stove. I love it!

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                After two years of use, am very satisfied with the ramekins that I bought. Would like to get other microstoven products. Does anyone know who carries an extensive line of this product in Canada?

              3. I have a dozen of the ramekins in which I can freeze individual servings and then heat whatever way I want. I am most impressed with how easy they are to clean. Only drawback in expense, but I think they are worth it. Easy to order the product on-line.

                1. Can anyone comment on the use of those pieces on Gas Stove?? I bought a couple of individual gratin dishes a year ago because they looked really cute and I used them for baking. However, I didn't realize that they could be used on the stove and I'm not sure if it's safe to do on a Gas Stove.

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                    I can help here (work in a homewares store here in Oz). You can use microstoven on a gas hob up to a gentle low-medium heat..but a diffuser pad is recommended. Having said that, I too have the gratin dishes and have used mine on the simmer ring, on low . for frying eggs. The best use Ive found for these was for pies..came out perfectly brown on the base and slips right out.
                    Maxwell Williams is a widely available brand here, at a medium/low pricepoint...we pay much more for homewares than just about anyone else in the world I think....my Le Creuset buffet casserole dish that I bought in the states for $170, retails for $500+ here...and I wont tell you how much I just paid for a kitchenaid!

                  2. The Metropolitan Market store in Kirkland, WA is carrying this brand casseroles etc. now. Beautiful quality products, pleasing design, significant touchy-feely appeal. Incredible colors. I liked the lighter weight as compared to a similar size in Corning French White. Prices seemed very reasonable for the quality.

                    The only slight drawback for me is that the lasagne pan and casserole has a little 1/8 inch "foot" on the corners so the bottoms aren't flat, and the full bottom is actually shaped somewhat concave, too, making the glass-top stove even more the bane of my existence. Wouldn't be suitable for induction, either, I guess.