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Jul 13, 2010 06:17 AM

South Indian In Montreal?

Visiting soon and adore South Indian food. Any great places?

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  1. Visit Bombay Mahal in Little India (1001 Jean-Talon W.) - awesome dosas & other yumminess. Near l'Acadie metro (blue line). It's BYOB and gets pretty busy at peak times.

    Restaurant Bombay Mahal
    1001 Rue Jean-Talon W, Montreal, QC H3N1T2, CA

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      Restaurant Jolee was pretty good and very cheap. I found the staff very friendly as well, even though the place doesn't look that great from the outside. Right by Cote-Ste-Catherine metro as well (although that station is closed until end of August, so you may have to get off at Plamondon and walk up Victoria -- about 10 minutes).

      Restaurant Jolee
      5495 Av Victoria, Montreal, QC H3W2P9, CA

    2. The truly great place is, unfortunately for us centre city dwellers, on the west island:

      Bombay Choupati
      5011 Boulevard des Sources, Pierrefonds
      514 421-3130

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        IMHO Bombay Choupati is verrrrrrrrry pricy and the portions are tooooooo small. The items are tasty no doubt but I would not go there..

      2. For a real hole in the wall try V.I.P. on Beaumont near Parc. There are a ton of great places between the Parc and Acadie Metro stations on Jean Talon, too. I've been eating at Pushap on Jean Talon a lot lately. Great vegetarian fare.

        1661 Av Dollard, Lasalle, QC H8N1T7, CA

        1. Bumping an old thread to report a new south indian resto, I noticed on Victoria (close to Epicerie Shavit), called Thai Jan. I don't know if anyone has been, it looks a bit sketchy on the outside but then again doesn't everything on that strip?

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            There's a review in the Gazette of Than Jai which seems to have moved to Van Horne from Victoria.
            The website is

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              I'm interested in this place and went to check the website; note that the address is

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              Just had lunch at Thanjai, was very impressed! The dosas were as good as anything you might find in the suburbs of Toronto. We tried some standard varieties (a Mysore masala and a paper masala), both were excellent. Friendly service as well. Will definitely go back to try some of the more non-standard things on the menu; they have many authentic South Indian dishes that you almost never see on a menu in Montreal.

            3. The Tan Jai review sounded very appealing indeed. Hope somebody reports back soon; not hard to get to from my place, but I can WALK to the restos along the Jean-Talon West strip. So if it is special, we'll be happy to make the little trip. Noted that it is also a BYOW, and that it has a banquet hall.