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Jul 13, 2010 05:47 AM

Quebec City On A Budget

I keep reading about all of the fab (too expensive for us boo hoo) places. Are there good places that cost under $25 for dinner?Any other ethnicity besides French ? We love all food groups!

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  1. Looking for the same kind of hints, got any luck yet?

    1. Hi guys, this question has been asked a few times. Check out these threads for some ideas:

      Quebec City and Montreal for a family on a budget

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      Good luck!

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      1. re: kpzoo

        Merci, kpzoo, do you know of any ethnic food festivals next week end in Montreal?

        1. re: missclaudy

          No, I don't, but you should definitely check out Marché Jean-Talon. It's almost like a food festival. ;-)

          p.s. You might want to start a new thread for this since it's a different city and topic than the original and folks will be less likely to notice your new question if it's buried here. :-)

          1. re: kpzoo

            Montreal food festivals definitely do not belong in a thread about Québec City. I think there are some threads about community festivals and bazaars - a Polish associaiton one in NDG, a Portuguese church in the Plateau and a Lebanese Orthodox church in Villeray come to mind.

            I also started one about the eco-festival at la Tohu (in St-Michel) a couple of years ago and revived it last summer (will do again, with better weather).

            Missclaudy, the non-French (or non-Québécois) food places that come to mind in Québec tend to be from the former French colonies in North Africa and Southeast Asia.. There are many small byow Vietnamese restos in Québec but most are undistinguished - I'd like to turn up more leads on the better ones. Nowadays there are also a few Latin-American restaurants. Many of the old "continental" restaurants in Old Québec were actually started by Italians who had worked on shipping lines.

            1. re: lagatta

              Merci lagatta, Vietnamese is my favorite cuisine,although can often be nondiscript here in Phila. too for sure.

      2. Found a couple more:

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