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Jul 13, 2010 05:44 AM

Anyone been to Malaga?

I need to know if this place is worth a visit. Heard about it from a young man who was going
to open a similiar place (tapas, etc.) in Fredericksburg. I tried to go to HIS place only to find
it locked and a notice about non-payment of rent on the door. Is Malaga still open and exactly where
is it located? Thanks Austin 'hounds.

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    1. I haven't been there in over a year; every time I did go it was excellent. They have a huge wine list and some really great food. I highly recommend the lamb.

      They're located at the far west end of 2nd street, a block west of City Hall.

      1. I've visited Malaga several times, and have never had a negative experience. Excellent small plates, great wine list and authentic Spanish ambience. The restaurant relocated about a year ago from 4th Street to 2nd Street in downtown Austin.

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          Their shrimp bisque is crazy-good. I very much enjoy their Sunday brunch with the $1 mimosas and red sangria

          1. re: amysuehere

            Are they still serving brunch? We haven't been in awhile. I love Malaga, but my husband not so much.

        2. I have eaten at a Malaga quite a few times over the years (both at the old location on 4th and the new one on 2nd). While the food is good and it can be a fun atmosphere the service is consistently poor. I normally don't have a problem overlooking bad service especially if other aspects are good but in this case I refuse to voluntarily go there.

          I don't consider myself a demanding diner either. I am surprised this hasn't come up.

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            I didn't find the food anything to write home about, and I agree about the service. So, naturally I didn't seek out the new location. It wasn't bad food, just nothing spectacular. I went to the 4th st. location several times, and I just didn't love it. But lots of people rave about it.