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Jul 13, 2010 05:03 AM

Seeking food-related recommendations for Sydney & Melbourne

I'll be in Sydney and Melbourne at the beginning of September.

I'm looking for Chow-ish recommendations for markets, restaurants, stores, food-related tours, etc.

I'll appreciate all suggestions people can make.

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  1. You will find plenty of restaurant suggestions when you search the board.

    In terms of markets and stores. it depends where you are staying, but the top of any list would be the Queen Victoria Market (open Tue/ Th/ Fri/ Sat). They also do tours - on their website. The other tours depend on who is doing what when you are here, but I would recommend Alan Curtis ( I think) and the CAE also run more ethnic tours (google CAE food tour or something), like the Middle Eastern parts of Sydney Road.

    1. Quay, Tetsuyas or Claudes for the big expensive dinner, Sean's Panaroma at Bondi for Saturday lunch (no, I'm not an employee or agent!), Bentley, Danks St Depot for breakfast, Pendolino, Bistro Moncur for the minute steak, Rockpool Bar & Grill for the burgers in the front bar, Icebergs for cocktails at sunset, Mere Catherine (a hidden gem) for an intimate simple French meal

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        I second this list - couldn't have put it better myself.

      2. Eveleigh markets every Saturday morning, or Pyrmont Growers markets for the first Saturday of each month are great for regional and organic producers.

        Definitely Quay for dinner in Sydney. Chat Thai for cheap delicious Thai.
        Zumbo if you're in the mood for pastries.
        Plan B is another good burger, $10 for wagyu burger. It's made in the kitchen of Becasse, a two-hatted restaurant. It's behind the QVB.
        bills for breakfast - i found Danks St to be overpriced and the selection wanting.
        Luxe Newtown for great coffee and pastries and nice atmosphere.
        Cafe Sopra for super-fresh ingredients, simply and superbly dished up.

        Really depends on what you're after and if you want to be around Sydney city.

        And for Melbourne - I would recommend Vue de Monde for the big dinner/lunch. Movida for trendy, delicious food.

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          I'd have to disagree. Bills is too expensive and overhyped. Danks St Depot is unusual, interesting with awesome bowls of coffee. Try the slow cooked broccoli and eggs or the bacon hash.

          1. re: yvonnez

            In my mind Movida is over-rated, over-priced and bland. The vibe at Movida next door is better but I am a sucker for Bar Lourinha; the feel, the noise and the sweet bread migas. ;)

            1. re: kersizm

              Yes, my comment on both Movida and VdM would be that there are plenty of lesser known places that can give them a serious run for their money. (There are plenty of newer restaurants in the same bucket so I'm not picking on these two).

              1. re: kersizm

                went on a mini gastro-crawl in melbourne last night to coda and movida nextdoor. coda is ... over-rated, over-priced and bland. the spanner crab in betel leaf was watery, and the taste of bitter lemon complete obliterated any hint of crab. the coda roll was a decent spring roll, nothing more - hardly worth the nearly $11 each it costs. lovely staff - very attentive and friendly - pity the kitchen is letting them down.

                not far away at movida nextdoor, on the other hand, while the staff were friendly they could have been a bit more attentive (less flirthing with the drunk blondes from templestowe, more noticing that i have been twisted around on my stool trying to get your attention for the past 5 minutes), the food was sensational. the crumbed anchovies on curd ... i can still taste them. hints of lemon zest, parsely, amazing olive oil, and anchovysaltanchovySaltanchovySALT - washed down with an albarino ... heaven. the mushroom croquettes were not only amazing but also served to remind us how ordinary the smoked trout croquettes were at coda. the citrus and cinnamon custard - i've run out of superlatives. yum yum yum.

            2. Howard,

              This may be a good link for tours in Sydney:

              The owner of the company Maeve O'Meara is a TV host of a number of very good food shows, very passionate and not at al commercial. I haven't been on one of her tours but would be surprised if they are not great. Sepember looks as though it is bokking fast.

              There are lots and lots of really great restaurants here and good food shopping. It is spread out a bit with different suburbs good for different foods.