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Jul 12, 2010 10:56 PM

Best Ramen in Bangkok

Hey all,

I really love ramen and I know there are tons of options for japanese food / ramen in bangkok. I've tried a fair number of places. But so far my favorite is Tan Tan Men on Sukhimvit soi 33/1. I particularly like this place because the noodles are freshly made and broth is especially unctuous.

Despite my loyalty to Tan Tan Men, I am always curious to try new places. So I'd appreciate your suggestions for what you consider to be great ramen in Bangkok.

Thanks much,


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  1. Hi Pandadero- Hope you are still enjoying ramen in Bangkok and this reply is not too late to keep the conversation going.

    Ramen Tei is still my favorite. I had it first time more than 10 years ago (about the same time Hatchiban Ramen- the ramen chain restaurant- started their business) and it is still doing well now (and surprisingly, the price hasn't increased much either). It has several outlets (probably 3-4). I usually go to the one in Thaniya alley on Silom road. As in this pop culture people posting their food photos on facebook and boards, you won't find Ramen Tei because of no-photo policy :)

    I also had another very good ramen at K-Village neighbourhood mall on Petchaburi Rd. Shame on me that I forgot the name of the place.

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      Yes, Ramen Tei was always my go-to ramen place in BKK too. When I worked on Sukhumvit Soi 33 there was one in soi 33/1 near the Bull's Head. Quite a few Japanese options in that soi btw.

      As an aside, a Japanese foodie friend introduced me to a great place serving Japanese hand-made soba noodles. I can't remember the name of the place, but it's in the small street running south of Ploenchit just west of Wittayu (Wireless) beside the bank bldg. (Near all the Thai food stalls where the office workers eat lunch.) The restaurant is kind of dark slate colour. Expensive for dinner but the have a lunch special set with handmade soba and a chunk of wasabi root to grate over them. It's around 250B for the full set, which my Japanese friend says is a deal.
      Apparently you pay large for these in Japan, which I wouldn't know firsthand.

      1. re: koknia

        Wow..koknia, I'll need to trek along Ploenchit and Wittayu to find the place soon. I'll report back if I found it. By the way, when was the last time you went there?

        1. re: NP2

          Probably in 2008, but it had been there for at least 8 yrs before that.
          There was also great Japanese nearby at the Nai Lert Hotel (lots of embassy people ate there), but I think that restaurant is gone.