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Jul 12, 2010 09:15 PM

Bubble Tea Cafes

I've notice alot of new Bubble Tea spots have been showing up around town, being a Bubble Tea fanatic, I'm dying to try them some time soon.

Only been to the following:

Dream Tea House
Tea Cottage
Tea Bar
Bubble King
Taiwan Bubble Tea Zone
Sou Kawaii Bubble Tea Lounge

My favorite Bubble Tea is Sou Kawaii because their Sago actually has flavour. Anyone have any that they would recommend?

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  1. I like "Try Again" best could be because it's the first place I had it from. I like the slushie fruit drinks and their's are very good, also the tapioca is nice and firm. I don't know if they qualify as a "cafe" they only have bubble tea, no snacks.

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    1. re: The Gut

      I believe the OP is in Edmonton whereas "Try Again" is in Calgary.
      Maybe Mastermater could clarify where they are looking for recommendations?

        1. re: The Gut

          No apologies necessary.
          Neither of us can read his/her mind.
          Besides I only knew because I google'd the places.

    2. Sorry, I did mean to say Edmonton.

      In Calgary though, whenever I do get a chance to head down there, I do prefer the selection at "Dessert House" in Chinatown, will try "Try Again" next time for sure I'm down there upon your recommendations.

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      1. re: Mastermater

        Young coconut juice at Try Again is drooooooool-worthy.

        1. re: John Manzo

          I am just starting to develop a rather unhealthy craving for bubble tea. I just can't seen to get enough. My "comfort zone" is the green tea bubble tea and recently I have been making my way to taro and advocado. After hearing about Try Again through this board, I decided to make the trek down to Chinatown to check it out. I was not prepared for the exhausting list of possibilities! It is crazy to see how many different flavour combinations you can get. I decided to play it safe and order the green coconut bubble tea. WOW. So good. I can't wait to go back. I am not sure I can veer too far away from the coconut because it was so damn good! Thanks for the recommendation!

      2. So many places sell bubble tea now that I can't keep up anymore. I usually just tend to stick to Dream Tea House and Tea Cottage/Bubble King.

        1. Dream Tea is my favourite. I went to a new place whose name I forget on Whyte just east of the tracks that was pretty good. It has now combined with a Vietnamese sandwich shop, but I think the bubble tea is the same. They have some good fruit juice combos there.