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Jul 12, 2010 08:50 PM

Farmers' Market - Edwards, CO

I'm heading to Beaver Creek this weekend and wondered if the Farmers' Market in Edwards is worth a stop. We're trying Juniper and Sweet Basil for dinners. Any other recommendations or alternatives?

Sweet Basil
193 E Gore Creek Dr Ste 201, Vail, CO 81657

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  1. The Edwards market is still going strong. Its not as big as Vail or Minturn, but is more a farmers market than the other two. Get there about 10 am, everyone will be set up and have produce left.

    See DDavis' take on dinner at Sweet Basil, I would much rather do lunch. My go to places are Dish (second floor of the building at the Edwards market) and the bar of Larkspur, foods is wonderful and hosts are terrific..

    1. Don't know if you are staying where it would be feasible, but if so there is some excellent frozen seafood (OK, some would insist that is an oxymoron, but I disagree) at the Edwards market. Fellow there selling Alaskan salmon and king crab legs that are delicious. (On your right around the corner.) Also, get there early enough and you might snag one of the coconut pies sold there by the pie lady. (On your left as you walk in.)

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        To be honest, I'm not exactly sure where our condo is since I'm going with a friend and I'm not familiar with Edwards. I know it's near Juniper Restaurant. Where exactly is the market held?

        1. re: Mimi

          I would choose the tasting menu at Dish ( over Juniper or Sweet Basil. Anything associated with Chef Salamunovich is good (Avondale, Larkspur, Larkburger), although the best bang for the buck is at Dish.

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            The market is held in the parking lot of the center that is on the southeast corner of the intersection in the center of Edwards (it's the only intersection in town with a stoplight). It's a block or so south of Juniper.

            Also, I second rim's recommendation of Dish.

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              Thanks for the info. I really hope to be able to check out the market. It's probably a little (lot) bigger than the one in Golden that we usually go to on Saturday mornings!

              1. re: Mimi

                The Edwards Market is not very big, its just more food oriented. What you may find interesting is the Farmers are from both the Front Range and the Western Slope, plus there is a Lady from Granby that sells all kinds of herbs. DD gave you a very good advice about the Alaskan seafood guy.
                Blue Ox

        2. Is the market open daily? Saturdays only?

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