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Jul 12, 2010 04:28 PM

Two Meals in Quebec City - Help Me Clear My Head

So, we're going to be breezing through Quebec city next week as part of a road trip. We're staying in St. Roch and we'll have a lunch and a dinner to eat. I've done some pretty extensive poking around on the boards here and I wanted to pose a couple questions for the collective wisdom.

1) We're planning on walking around the city all afternoon. Does it make more sense to grab lunch on the way into the center (at Le Hobbit or Café du Clocher Penché) or to have lunch closer in (Le Pain Béni or Lapin Sautee)? I guess a big part of this question is where the best bang for the lunch buck might be.

2) Similarly, we'll head back to St. Roch in the evening and we're trying to decide whether we should do dinner at Clocher Penche or whether it is worth it to splurge at Panache, L'Initiale, Sainte Amour, or Patriarche? We'll have just been eating our way through Montreal, and so we'll probably only want to splurge if these places offer something that we just shouldn't miss in good conscience. My research seems to suggest that L'Initiale might...thoughts?

The problem is that there are too many places in too short a time...and I don't want to miss out. Help!

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  1. 1) Clocher Penché
    2) L'initial

    Panache and Patriarche are also two very great restaurants. St-amour have a great wine list, but for me this place is overrating.

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      1. Just got back from Quebec City this week and had a wonderful experience at both Toast and L'Echaude. Both are within a 2 minute walk from Panache. L'Echaude is a little more casual than Toast and both have great three course pre-fixe menus.

        1. I am heading to Quebec City this week and find myself in a similar situation to the original poster. Only 2 meals - one dinner, one breakfast: midweek. As much as I would like to try some of the more high end places (like the ones mentioned as splurges in the original post), I think we are looking for something more moderately priced.

          I am staying in St. Roch and am currently leaning toward Clocher Penché for our dinner but I'm wondering if anyone can help with a few questions about other possibilities.

          Do Le Hobbit or Les Bossus have their own websites?
          What about Le Pain Béni - I found a website linked to a hotel but there is no menu.

          I am also curious about Le Lapin Sauté. The reviews here sound positive, and I think I even recall walking by this restaurant on a previous visit to Quebec City and noting it, but I find their website off putting - it makes it seem like a very touristy spot . What is the atmosphere like there?

          Also, have I left it too late to expect to get a table at any of these places?

          Le Pain Béni
          24 Rue Ste-Anne, Quebec, QC G1R, CA

          Les Bossus
          620 Rue Saint-Joseph E, Quebec, QC G1K3B9, CA