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Jul 12, 2010 04:10 PM

One night in Dallas

My parents are going to be in Dallas for one night only, and it's going to be a Monday night (7/19). They enjoy good coctails and sophisticated cuisine and nicely designed restaurants. Money is no object. They are not too adventurous, and would prefer something Texan, where you locals would go.
I appologise for not researching the board first, but I have limited internet access right now.
Thank you very much for your answers!

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  1. Al Biernat's restaurant came to mind as soon as I read your post. Y'all would be very happy there.

    Al Biernats
    4217 Oak Lawn, Dallas, TX 75219

    1. Al Biernet's is a good option. Fearings might be more "Texan".

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      1. My vote is Fearings. Stephen Pyles would be a somewhat distant second.

        1. Yep - Fearing's is your place. The "something Texan" is what sealed it for me... Hope they have fun! FYI: there are different dining areas within the restaurant, so be sure to request the fine dining room if they want something more sophisticated and upscale.

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            I agree about Fearing's but MUCH prefer the room called "Dean's Kitchen" to the fine dining room.

          2. Definitely go to Fearings. Dean Fearing is a super southwestern chef and serves outstanding Texas cuisine. I went to The Mansion many times when he was there and now that he's at the Ritz Carlton it's just as good as the Mansion. The bar is not my favorite but I really had a great time dining there. Have a great trip.