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Jul 12, 2010 03:57 PM

Is the food at Sage really salty?

Great reviews, menu sounds wonderful...except it seems that every other item contains bacon or something else salty. I really dislike overly salty food, so is it? I didn't really believe it when people said the food in many of the Mario restaurants at the Venetian was too salty, don't want to make the same mistake.

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  1. I didn't find the food overly salty at all. The bacon the use is nueskes which has a great apple wood smoke too it and is more sweet than salty. Sage is an amazing restaurant. IMO its the best in city center.

    1. Had dinner at Sage on Monday night. Food and service was great. Well seasoned, certainly not too salty. One of the best meals we have ever had in Las Vegas.

      1. had two apps there last week. the tartare was excellent, but the foie gras custard brulee was spectacular. also, the beer selection is excellent. going back next month for dinner. can't wait.

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          I'm trying to decide between Sage and returning to Twist, where we loved our meal. And there was so much more on the menu to if you had just one night to spend in CityCenter what would you do?

        2. I generally don't have a problem with salty food, but a couple of the courses that we had were quite salty. We had the scallop dish with brasied oxtail and I found the reduction to be salty. The special was a rib-eye for two and again that was heavily salted. I thought the bacon buns were really good though, and not particularly salty. In fact, the bread was served with butter and sea salt. Our server suggested buttering the bacon roll and sprinkling salt on it. It was definitely very good. Overall , an enjoyable meal.

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            We ate at Sage this past week - loved it.

            Ordered a selection of starters and salads. I only remember the Gnocchi dish being on the salty side (but still enjoyed it very much).

            I agree with the Foie Gras brulee -- just wonderful!

          2. Love Love Sage. Went there twice on my last visit, both times fantastic.