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Jul 12, 2010 03:22 PM

Bubble Tea Ingredients Downtown Toronto

Hi! I have a craving to make bubble tea. I know it is much easier to just buy it already made but I enjoy trying to make new things. So far online, I have learned that Pacific Mall is the best place to get ingredients like those little balls and the flavoured powder. The only problem is I don't drive and have to rely on the TTC. Has anyone had any experience finding these downtown or at least near TTC?

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  1. probably not as accessible by TTC but you can try T&T Super Market on Cherry Street. I think I have seen the Tapioca there but I am not sure about the flavoring but surely worth a try.

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      I just dropped by T&T on Cherry St and yes, they did have the instant bubble tea mix ("Just add water") and sago tapioca pearls.
      They had 4-5 flavours of tea and 7-8 variations of sago.
      The Tri-coloured sago was kinda cute.

    2. Chinatown!!! Any of the big Asian grocery stores on Spadina should have the Tapioca Balls and powder. Pretty sure that is where all the bubble tea shops get their supplies. I like Oriental Harvest on the West side of Spadina above Dundas

      1. Ten Ren's Tea near Spadina x Dundas used to sell 7-8 flavours of bubble tea mix (powder).
        Not sure if they still do, but probably worth checking out.

        I've also bought liquid concentrate kind at one of the shops near Broadview x Gerrard. Can't remember which place... it was like a little gift shop and they had the 'bubble tea kit' gift box with vacuum-packed tapioca balls and liquid concentrate in small pouches (2-3 servings).

        Ten Ren
        454 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

        1. You can get the Lipton Yellow Label tea bags at T&T. That's what they use for real milk tea for bubble tea. Just add condensed milk and sugar as desired.