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Jul 12, 2010 01:43 PM

Barcelona 8 days in October! Suggestions anyone

We are definitely foodies. We are up for absolutely anything but we want to spread our experience between traditional Catalan/spanish cuisine and Modern molecular gastronomy. Because each dinner is special for us we are eager to gather as much info as possible. Also any suggestions on accommodation for 4 is helpful.

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  1. We ate in a great molecular gastronomy type restaurant named OT four years ago in Barcelona. In light of recessionary conditions, please check if it is still open, but we are used to NYC's best and we liked OT quite a bit.

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      Looks like it is now called Libentia. It's in the Gracia district. Hard to tell if it is good as when we went, but check on it.

      We also ate at a restaurant on the beach in Barcelonetta (spelling?). That is a fun and scenic evening. Think seafood.