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Jul 12, 2010 01:09 PM

Girona suggestions other than Can Roca

I'm going to Barcelona for one week in August and plan on doing a day trip to Girona. Does anyone have restaurant suggestions that aren't as expensive as Can Roca? I don't need fancy food, or even mind blowing food, but would appreciate eating somewhere tasty.

While not a requirement, you'll get bonus points if you can point me somewhere that is open on Sundays and Mondays in August. (Double whammy, I know, but it's worth a shot.)

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  1. We had a good meal at el Pou del Call- 2 (or was it 3?) course lunch menu for 14 euros. With wine and IVA it was 39 euros for 2. We had Sunday lunch - not sure about August, though. Definitely not Can Roca but the place was full of locals (it seemed) and we enjoyed our lunch. The restaurant is on c/Forca 14 on one of the main drags in the old part of town.

    One tapas place we liked was Boira in Placa Independencia. The service was a little weird, but the food was pretty good and nice wines by the glass. I really liked the canalons here.

    Have fun -

    1. I ate twice at +Cab on Placa Catalunya. Terrible name, excellent menu and a good value. Today for dinner I had crostini with sobresada and mascarpone; smoked salmon ravioli with mango and mascarpone (dairy of the day, it seems), and croquettes with black pudding and pistachos. These three tapas set me back 9.80 euro. The other day, I had their gazpacho (good, standard) and lomo a la plantxa (so wonderfully porky that I immediately hated all the pork I have ever eaten in the US).

      The gelateria next door is also quite good.

      1. We were in Girona over night last night, and I used these suggestions as my list of possible places to go. Of course, it being Sunday night meant that most were closed, so Pou del Call and +Cub were not options. I was particularly disappointed that +Cub was closed.

        We ended up at Boira in the Placa Independencia, and it was OK. The staff were very friendly, they have a smallish selection of tapas, and the food was quite good, but not great. The square is a nice place to spend an evening, as it has an elegant feel and seems very different to the more touristy places the other side of the river.