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Jul 12, 2010 12:37 PM

East Midtown lunch

My boyfriend and I are having lunch with his parents tomorrow. They'll be parking their car near 53rd and 1st, and we were hoping to go for lunch somewhere in the area. His parents are not the most adventurous eaters - I think the most exotic that they'll eat is sushi (at least one of them will) and I have celiac disease/am gluten intolerant, so I'm looking for somewhere that will accommodate me as well. Otherwise, I think they'd just go for bagels. His dad suggested the diner we usually go to, but I'm looking to branch out a bit. I'm looking for something moderately priced (let's say under $20pp) that doesn't need a reservation. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. I'm not familiar with a gluten diet... but could you tolerate Indian food? Dawat, between Lex and 3rd on 58th has a great lunch special. They offer four menus.. mostly under $20. As I recall there is vegetarian option. since most of their lunch biz seems to be take out there's no problem with reservations. E'en so, the atmosphere is very pleasant.

    210 E. 58th St., New York, NY 10022

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      Correction... the rest. is between 3rd and 2nd.... which makes it a little more accessible for you.

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        Thanks! Indian food is generally pretty easy for me. I'm not sure if my boyfriend's parents will like it but I will definitely check.

      2. It may be too late to comment now, whitney, but I hope you know that First Ave. from 47th all the way up to 59th is basically one restaurant after another. Second Ave for that same stretch is identical, and maybe even richer in eating choices.

        Maybe your future in-laws aren't walkers, but if they are you might just consider strolling up the avenue from where they've parked and picking a place that meets all your needs. For people living off the [electronic] grid, that kind of behaviour happens all the time in this town.

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          I think that's what we're going to wind up doing. I'm not sure how far they are willing to walk, but hopefully we'll find something in the area.