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Jul 12, 2010 12:04 PM

Tofu Shirataki noodles


Does anyone know where I can buy these products in Durham region.


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  1. Any Korean grocers in your area?

      1. I saw them maybe less than a month ago at the Longo's on Bloor, just east of Yonge, right by the mushrooms and sprouts near the veggies.

        1. Did you find the noodles? I am looking for them, too! Have you tried T&T?

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          1. re: Gormlaith

            I got them at the Lucky Moose grocer in Chinatown. They're the worst of the shirataki noodles I've tried, though. I can't remember the names of the better ones (if they even had English names) but they all came from said grocer.

            1. re: Gormlaith

              Theyre everywhere now! i see them at all the metros, some IGAs, whole foods and pusateris... i still havent seen them at loblaws or sobeys though.

              1. Sobeys has them, so does Health Plus in Ajax