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Jul 12, 2010 11:23 AM

Korean short ribs - Calgary

Does anyone know where I can get a large amount of short ribs to marinate for Korean-style short ribs?

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  1. I'd try the korean grocer in the mall right beside community foods on 10th ave. can't remember the name at the moment...

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    1. re: marcopolo

      Arirang Oriental Food Store
      1324 10 Ave SW # 30

      1. It's been a while since I bought them but Master Meats at 40th Ave and Centre St NW had them by the case (I think it was 10 lbs). I've also seen them referred to as LA ribs and Maui ribs, but I'm assuming you mean short ribs cut crosswise about 1/4" thick.

        1. If you are in the NW the Korean grocer by Winston Churchill High School has them.

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            There is also a Korean butcher (can't remember the name) right across the parking lot from the Korean grocer by Winston Churchill. I usually buy a huge pack of $30 marinated short ribs (although you can get it without the marinade as well) that will feed a lot of people. Ready to throw on the BBQ!

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              the NW Korean butcher is Goginara Meat Shop at Unit #33 3616 52 Ave NW, phone# 403-282-8033 (found an old business card). They do bulk sales as they supply to restaurants, you can even buy the short ribs pre-marinated. They also have marinated bulgogi meat (beef and spicy pork), sukiyaki meat and the galbi.

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                I'll have to look for that butcher. I wonder if they are associated. The butcher counter in the back of the grocery store doesn't seem to be run by the same people as the grocery store. I'm usually looking for shabu shabu.

            2. Superstore also carries them.