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Jul 12, 2010 11:20 AM

Any great vegetarian choices for a gift certificate?

Today is the last day is offering $25 gift certificates for $2. I live in MA and want to get one for a vegetarian friend. The list of Chicago places is too long to include here. Would anyone be willing to go to the website and comment on possibilities? They may include ethnic options, i.e, Thai, Indian, etc. And up to 3-4 miles from the Roscoe Village area would be best.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. The price of their gift certificates goes down every month, as the month progresses (probably because many restaurants only put a limited number of certificates on sale, so those go fast at the start of each month). So this is not a "once in a lifetime" offer.

    To answer your question, though, Turquoise Cafe is in there, right in Roscoe Village, and has some vegetarian items on their menu featuring Turkish cuisine. So is Orange, which is primarily breakfast oriented.

    If it were my friends, I wouldn't worry about the certificates, and I'd get them a gift certificate for Victory's Banner, serving all-vegetarian food for breakfast and lunch, right in Roscoe Village.

    Victory's Banner Restaurant
    2100 W Roscoe St, Chicago, IL 60618

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      nsxtasy - Thanks for your helpful information. Victory's Banner looks like a good option.

      Victory's Banner Restaurant
      2100 W Roscoe St, Chicago, IL 60618