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Jul 12, 2010 10:32 AM

Westport Cafe and Bar

Saturday I had the opportunity to check out Westport Cafe, which opened in the former Blanc location on Westport Road. It was amazing! Our party of five started with the blue cheese and bacon mussels, which were outstanding and plentiful. I chose the croque monsieur for lunch, served with a pleasantly bitter side salad. The drink menu might be a bit too out of the norm for me (my bloody was a dark yellow/orange and somewhat watery) but I cannot wait to return for dinner!

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    1. Would be nice to know at least what state you are talking about??

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      1. We had a great time at West Cafe on Friday night. I enjoyed my champagne cocktail(s) and we shared arugula salad, grilled octopus, duck confit, and the chocolate ganache dessert. The salad dressing tasted like what I had in Paris, the grilled octopus was amazing (as were the the potatoes and sausage that came with it.) The duck confit terrine seemed dry at first, but with the accompaniments, especially the sauteed mushrooms, the flavor seemed to intensify. The chocolate ganache is really rich and intense which is my idea of a perfect chocolate dessert. The service was not polished, but it was very friendly. A great find.