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Jul 12, 2010 10:15 AM

ISO Canadian Back Bacon

Anyone know where I can find Canadian Back Bacon. I had finally found some last summer at Costco (in bulk, just like I needed!) but they seemed to have stopped carrying it.

Any ideas?


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  1. Porc Meilleur at Jean Talon Market, it's very good and from locally grown piggies.

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    1. re: ios94

      I can confirm that they have it. Don't think it's with peameal, though not completely sure.

    2. Here's the thing. Honestly, I'm Canadian – have been my whole life. Done tons of Canadian stuff – treeplanting, canoeing trips, reveled in the rivalry between the Habs and Leafs, said 'sorry' profusely, etc. Most of my friends are Canadian. And yes, I am the first to jump slobbery mouth-first into a plate of bacon, whether at home, at the cottage, on trip, at work, at the dentist, when I'm making love, or out at a restaurant.

      Some people seem to think the only pork we have in Canada is back bacon. But really? It's not as pervasive as the world thinks. None of my porky friends eat that stuff. I know I don't really. I mean, it's delicious and if I'm at a roadside diner on the way out for a day of fishing up north and they're frying that greasy peamealy goodness up, I'm chopping that piggy slice down with gusto. Um, yum? But I would say – and I'm venturing out on a limb here – that most Canadians eat "normal" bacon more. The whole back bacon thing is a bit of a stereotype. (The fact that you found it a Costco only helps me to believe that.)

      And in reading what I just wrote, it occurs to me that maybe that's why you're asking about where to find it (and my apologies for sounding smug). In that case, I will concur with ios' Jean Talon suggestion as I've bought ribs from there on a few occasions and were quite tasty.

      But listen. You want bacon? Like, really tasty bacon? Go to La Veille Europe charcuterie on St. Laurent and get the double smoked Laurentian bacon. You buy a hunk (so you can pick your cut; lean or fatty to your taste), and they'll cut it how you like (thin thin for to ride beside eggs, or thick thick to own your BLT). Trust me, this should be the new Canadian bacon.

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      1. re: Gary Biscuits

        Thanks ios and Gary(?).

        Truth be told, I love the true Canadian bacon as much as you do, and you are right, the reason I can't find it in Montreal is that, I would venture to say, it is not popular. That being said, I need Cdn back bacon. It is a cost thing as well. True Cdn bacon would be too expensive for my needs and Cdn back bacon is usually cheaper.

        1. re: NeedRealBBQ

          I'm confused. Are you looking for Canadian Bacon - the smoked stuff Americans put on pizzas and in eggs Benedict or are you looking for back bacon?

          If you're looking for the former, that's available in just about every supermarket deli aisle. If you want the latter, I've yet to find any in this town.

      2. I think what you're looking for is still carried by Costco. I saw some this past weekend at the Marche Central location.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I have seen it at the Biftheque butcher shop on cote de liesse. It was made by Shneiders I think but it isn't sliced. Another option is a new product at Loblaws which is Wiltshire bacon rashers. It is similar except doesn't have the peameal but does have a little bit of fat on the ends.