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Jul 12, 2010 09:50 AM

St John Bread and Wine - Sunday Lunch Thoughts [London]

I thought a good value weekend lunch was going to be hard to find in London, often I seek out the set menu mon-fri bargains when time allows, however in this instance I thought I would risk a weekend in the city and how glad I am.

Following an excellent session at The Sampler (Englands best wine shop?) three of us headed down to Spitalfields to give SJBaW a try. Arrivng a bit before our booking at 2pm we were kindly shown to our seat and bread and water quickly appeared next to us, man their sourdough is good!

Having never eaten here before the waiter suggested we opt many of the smaller plates and for the majority of our dishes to be ordered from the off (due to the business of restaurant), we were happy to oblige and promptly ordered the cured trout, middle white with picallili, broad bean and mint soup, langoustines and the smoked macekerel with pickled red cabbage. All the courses we had were excellent with high quality ingredients and even more of that bread. Stand outs were the pork and the trout, although a late addition of ox heart with watercress and pickled walnut faired equally well.

Desserts were ordered, unfortunately we were too late to get the raspberry trifle, so eccles cake and lancashire, strawberries with meringue and a special of liquorice cream were ordered. Again all were very good indeed, meringue maybe a bit tough, but very good flavour, eccles cake was fantastic and countered very well by the acidic lancashire. The stand out of the whole meal though was the liquorice cream, I am assuming double cream set slightly with gelatine and with a subtle liquorice flavour, it was fabulous and mirrored some remaining taste from a chateauneuf from the sampler earlier on. All in the meal was £65, albeit light on the drinks, only a coke and a Pilsner, but very good value considering I was too full to require dinner in the evening (that may have been all the bread).

Definitely will return at some point and cerrtainly a good location should people require some post tasting absorbance.

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  1. An eccles cake, a piece of lancashire cheese, and a cup of tea is the finest mid-morning snack known to man. And no one in London does it better than Mr Henderson.

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    1. re: alexdz

      where else in london is this actually available?

      1. re: skut

        Apart from the St John mothership, a lot of the St J alumni's places often have it (Anchor & Hope, Gt Queen St, Harwood Arms etc)

        1. re: Gav

          I don't know about the Harewood Arms (what's the St John connection there?) but I'm able to say with reasonable certainty that neither the Anchor nor GQS would ever serve something so quintessentially St John as eccles cake & Kirkham's, just as no other restaurant in the capital with any self respect would ever serve roast bone marrow and parsley salad. Also neither the anchor nor GQS serve mid morning snacks.

        2. re: skut

          I don't know, and I don't care.

      2. glad you liked...SJBW is one of my favorite places...