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Jul 12, 2010 09:11 AM

KRLD Restaurant Week 2010

The details for this year's KRLD Restaurant Week have been released.

Let the reservations war begin.

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  1. I wonder what Samar is going to offer......I mean, most of thier plates are only in the $7-$9 range to begin with. Restaurant week is 3 courses, $35.

    1. Great line up for sure, I will have a difficult time narrowing down my personal list. Preview helps!

      @ planojim: I will find out!

      1. Thanks! Has anyone been to Brownstone in FW yet? For some reason, their menu isn't available via their web-site.....

        edit: Nevermind - found it on the FB photos page.

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        1. re: CocoaNut

          I haven't been to Brownstone but want to. I spied that on the list, and it has a narrow opportunity so I am sure the reservations will fly fast.

          1. re: DallasDude

            Just looked on Open Table and looks like RW's $35 is more than the normal price estimate of $30 and under.... which includes one drink.

            It would be nice if Brownstone had their RW menu published.

            1. re: CocoaNut

              restaurant week or not, i think brownstone is pretty easy to eat at for $30 per person. they do the small plates to share and the portions are pretty big. they only have about 5 entrees and those are HUGE

                1. re: teegee

                  Plus you get the added bonus of scoring a gander at Casey Thompson at Brownstone. I will skip the crowds though so I can get a better look!

          2. It really is war!! I am so excited I got reservations for Bijoux, Craft and Stephan Pyles!

            I also wondered about Samar, and what's why decided not to try it for restaurant week...

            Stephan Pyles
            1807 Ross Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75201