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Jul 12, 2010 08:05 AM

Wedding Venue Help-Alberta

I have recently gotten engaged and I am now on the hunt for a great wedding venue. I am looking for a venue in Edmonton or Calgary that has seating for a minimum of 150 people. The ability for a great menu is a must! Thanks!

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  1. We got married at The Ranche in south Calgary in 2003, and we had a ton of NYC foodies at our wedding and 7 years later people still tell me we had some of the best wedding food ever.

    Here's the link:

    I don't know how many people they hold, we had 100 guests at our wedding. Congrats by the way!

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        I can second the Ranche, having attended a couple weddings there. Great food, and beautiful setting. You may be in tough for numbers though... not sure they can do 150, and if they can, some guests will be in other rooms of the house.

        We were married at the Newport Grill on Lake Bonavista (formerly the Inn on Lake Bonavista), and it comes recommended by us. Food and service were both excellent, and they accommodated us quite well. We rented out the entire resto for the day (which there is an added charge for at most places), so we had full flexibility. The patio overlooking the water was a popular spot during cocktail hour, and having the sunset over the lake almost right behind the head table made for a great view.

        Heard good things about Sirroco as well, although never attended there.

      2. Spruce Meadows, up to 500, with catering by Great Events.

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          If price is no object look at the Palliser or Hotel MacDonald (which I prefer to the Palliser, plus the views are outstanding)

          1. Thanks for the information. Unfortunately most places can't quite accomodate the 150 mark, without being in separate rooms. We are working on it though and still open to any more suggestions!

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                  ChefsMenu Tasting, have you eaten at Hotel Arts? Or has anyone else? This is a shortlisted place we are checking out.

                  Has anyone been to a reception at Valley Ridge Golf Course or Silver Springs Golf Course? How was the food?

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                    Raw Bar has excellent food - I have been in for lunch several times in the past few weeks (on the patio by the pool) and have thoroughly enjoyed my meals each time. I believe that event catering would be done by the same group.

                2. re: J.J

                  Along the same lines - Mirage Banquet in Edmonton.

                  I would think that all the major hotels would have some sort of accommodation for large groups, and not all of them will look odd if they have to open up walls to put you in more than one room.

                  If you're looking for food only and not just a place for the ceremony, then you could always try Chinese restaurants.

                  My personal opinion is to come up with a short list (use Wedding Bells or something) that fits your numbers and other criteria, and then come back here and ask us about the food! :)

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                    Hotel Arts offers an amazing culinary experience, many of the Chefs came from Catch. The Ranche would be so gorgeous, food is excellent...too small?

                    Never ate at Valley Ridge but a wedding there would be beautiful, much the same for Silver Springs.

                    Best thing about Hotel Arts...other than the food, onsite accomodations and not having to worry about the safety of your guests or arranging transportation.