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Jul 12, 2010 06:44 AM


Heard about this place,
Heard good things,
Anyone been?

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  1. BrentMTL reviewed it in Resto openings 2010 if that helps.....

    1. I went last week and was very impressed with their operation.

      It feels like they've been open for much longer than they actually have. These guys are the real deal, people who actually care about the food they're putting on your plate. The meat and fish were cooked exactly right (though my octopus was a bit cold). Service was prompt and professional, while still maintaining the laid-back neighborhood feeling that makes you want to be a regular.

      It'll be interesting to see if they can do for their location what Joe Beef did for their hood when they opened. If they manage to get passed the first year, I'm pretty sure it will become a destination restaurant and a hub around which other places will open

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      1. re: montrealnick

        Sounds great... we could use some more good meal options in the hood!

        N.D. and Courcelle is kind of a dumpy corner though... what's the atmosphere of this place and price range? I heard it was the people from Monkland Taverne that are behind this, but to be honest that place has always struck me as severely mediocre. More of a neighborhood dinner destination for patrons lacking creativity or drive to venture out... Is this going to be the same thing for the Hen? How does the food and menu compare?

        1. re: OliverB

          It is kind of a dumpy corner, although it's close to Cartier Park and Caffè Mariani, some of the nicer places in that area.

          Dunno if the Tavern people are behind it, but the menu is decidedly different -- not at all pasta-driven. I actually like Tavern (Monkland and Westmount) for what it is, a neighbourhood dinner destination, but Tuck Shop is definitely more up-scale. I've only been the one time, but it would seem that the menu changes daily (they didn't even have menus or a blackboard; servers would recite the options to you on demand).
          I think the menu (and prices) can be compared to what you'd get at Salle à Manger, give or take an appetizer or two.

          All in all, I really enjoyed it and plan on going back soon.

          1. re: montrealnick

            Thanks, I'll definitely give it a shot this summer!

            For what it's worth, I do think the food at Tavern in Westmount is great (the one in the Square)... I eat there often on a whim when I haven't given advanced dinner plans much thought, and always leave satisfied. I just think the Monkland resto is overpriced, overcrowded and really not all that great.

            I'm looking forward to giving Tuck a try though and I really do hope that it'll be great because I've been living in the neighborhood for nearly 10 years now and save the market and a couple of places east of Atwater on N.D., the foodie scene is really lacking! It'd be so convenient to have a couple of really GOOD dinner options only a few blocks from home for those lazy nights...

      2. I went in its first week of being open. Got to say the place has a lot of potential. Nice market menu, interesting wine selections, great ambiance and friendly service. Some things on the menu were much better than others (very important they've got to spruce up their tuck shop salad, very lacking).

        Agreed that the neighborhood is rather 'interesting.' We had a window seat, and by the time we were finishing up our meal there were some hookers who kept walking by. Yet very convenient for those of us who live in the West end, so I'll be going back.

        1. I live nearby and crashed one of their many "soft launch" openings. Agree with all comments - they should be able to skip the typical growing pains. Great staff. The guy running the joint is indeed (formerly?) of Tavern. We ordered two different fish dishes, both perfectly cooked amid a very busy kitchen (full house that night). Another patron gave us a try of his ribs - these were exceptional.

          1. I live just around the corner and was excited to go to this restaurant, and although the food was good, it wasn't as good as I expected....fairly average. There was nothing that made me go...yummm! But there was nothing that wasn't good either. The kind of place I will go to because it is close, but wouldn't travel to get to. It was a very trendy crowd. Service was very good, and the ambience and decor worked also.

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            1. re: Loopysparkles

              This is exactly what I expected from the restaurant, thanks!

              What are the prices like; dinners in the $40 range per person?