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Jul 12, 2010 06:41 AM

Best electronic kitchen scale?

I've been using a Salter, but it died. I tried changing the batteries and still got an "Err" message. I very much liked the feature of being able to recalibrate to zero after putting something on the scale that holds whatever it is that you are weighing. Rec, pls?

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  1. I've been using the OXO Good grips one with the detachable indicator bar.. other than accuracy, I'd look for:

    1) High capacity - up to 10-11 lbs
    2) Metric and english units, down to grams and tenth or eights of ounces
    3) Ability to zero (which any scale should have)

    The Oxo has worked for me, but I will say that Salter makes some beautiful scales..

    1. I have a Salter for larger items (e.g. >2 g) and a Tanita jeweler's scale for < 1 g

      1. My criteria is:

        Does NOT use 9v batteries which seem to go dead too fast on a scale for some reason.
        Long auto shut off time.
        At least 11lbs
        Ease of use
        I haven't seen any scales which do not allow tare or to switch between grams and ounces.

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          There are some excellent highly accurate US made scales - check site there are lots to choose from -- the KD8000 is highly recommended. You can order on line in Europe. The company has an excellent reputation. The 8000 even has bakers percentages.

          If you choose a cheaper brand it is useful to have more than one switch for the various functions. On my German scale (unfortunately bought before I found out about Myweigh) all the functions are on one switch which I don't recommend; I am also wary of getting flour into my one and only switch.

          1. re: Mistral

            Totally agree on Myweigh. I've had this one for 3+ years and have had no complaints. The price is right, too.

            1. re: grampart

              Another one for Myweight! Have had mine for at least three years and love it.

              1. re: grampart

                Add my vote for the MyWeigh. One of the most overlooked brands, IMO.

                Santa brought me a 7001 this past Xmas, replacing my old 6000 series one that lasted about 10 yrs. (Actually, it still works fine on the original battery, but I liked the new one.)

              2. re: Mistral

                I just checked with a seller of My Weigh scales and the digital scales, all of them, are made outside the US, mostly in China. I asked about US made digital kitchen scales and they don't have any, even brands that have many scales made in the US such ast Detecto and Penn, have their small digital kitchen scales made in China. I'm probably still going with My Weigh, they have a 30 year warenty and do repairs in the US.

            2. I have an Ultraship that I bought mostly for weighing packages to be shipped but it works fine as a kitchen scale. Has the tare function and all that. Goes up to 35 lbs. IIRC. Cheap on Amazon.

              1. Agree with Grant.cook. You cannot really go wrong with the OXO detachable scale.