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Jul 12, 2010 05:15 AM

Guu - Second location opening in the Annex!!

You heard it here first - Guu is opening a second location in the old Bagel World location on the south side of Bloor, west of Spadina, supposedly this fall.

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    1. Interesting how they are staying close to universities...usually when I go to the Church location it's about 80% rammed with Asian international students from Ryerson or whatever. This new spot is going to make another killing.

      1. Excellent!! Are they expanding the space? I was only there once but it was pretty teeny. Any news on their other rumoured locations - financial district? somewhere more north, if I recall?

        1. Amazing news. Just went for the first time this weekend, glad they're expanding!

          1. Sorry guys but I'm posting as I'm getting my information. They are STILL definitely supposed to open in the Annex this fall; it just may not be in the old Bagel World space.

            No other firm news on their other locations, but they are looking.

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              Doesn't seem very definite according to this article:

              Which actually references this thread. :P

              1. re: ikapai

                Er, that article is based on this thread. No story here!