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Jul 11, 2010 10:41 PM

La Regalade - Saint-Honore, Josephine Dumonet, or Chez L, Ami jean? If you had to pick one?

My wife and I will be in Paris for two days at the tail end of our trip from Barcelona, Madrid, and Marrakech, I had a few questions that I was hoping I could get some answers to.

We were looking to have dinner one of the nights and I was trying to figure out which one would work best for us. We were looking to spend about 80E to 100E on a dinner. Neither one of us are big wine drinkers, my wife will probably have a glass.

If you had to choose between La Regalade - Saint-Honore, Josephine Dumonet, or Chez L' Ami Jean, which one would you choose?

I read that Chez L' Ami Jean is no longer doing their 33E dinner anymore. Is this correct?

Is Josephine Dumonet going to be above our budget? Any prix fixe specials here?

Does La Regalade still have it's 33E dinner? Any thoughts on it?

I appreciate any and all feedback to these questions. Thank you in advance. Apologize for the many questions.

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  1. Chez Josephine hands down

    1. I would chose CAJ because it has the highest potential, but La Régalade is very similar. Joséphine is a very nice place but not as good ingredients wise as the two others. It is also a 70/100€ per person place, so it has a good chance of being above budget. It's also much more comfortable than the other two.

      CAJ indeed dropped the prixfixe at night. There is a 60€ tasting. And a 25€ lunch.

      1. andaba - Thank you for your input.

        souphie - Thanks for your valuable input as well. I appreciate the reasoning with your decision.

        Does anyone know if Josphine Dumonet has a prix fixe special?

        Right now I am kind of leaning towards La Regalade because of the more consistent positive reviews as of late and the price point too.

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        1. re: TNT Adventures

          No prix fixe at Joséphine.

          In the current situation, La Régalade is indeed the lowest price point of the three, and a great place.

          1. re: souphie

            My wife and I had an excellent dinner three weeks ago at Josephine for $180 all in. One of our favorites of six nights in Paris. Taking away our wine bill likely a great dinner for $130. CAJ with about the same wine bill was $190 and Regalade $125. Found CAJ menu difficult to navigate, crowded and uncomfortable. Big deal about rice pudding. Regalade also would be my second choice.

            1. re: nanapop

              Thank you Souphie and nanapop for the additional information about each restaurant.

        2. Sorry to be a little late and jet-lagged here but though I've called CAJ the perfect bistrot for Americans, I think Le R St H is the bistrot of the moment and as Soup points out, is a bargain and a half. I'm one (alone as usual) who likes Chez J D but doesn't rush back.

          TNT I hope you'll be posting yr stuff on Marrakesh.

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          1. re: John Talbott

            John Talbott - A late response is better than no response. Having a tough time finding a good source for restaurants in Marrakesh. Seen a few places mention sushi or Thai and a few other cuisines, but really just looking for Moroccan food. Will post what I find out

            I think I am set on La Regalade.

            Thank you to everyone who responded.