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Jul 11, 2010 09:39 PM


What would you do if you had just lost your mind and picked 32 pounds of cherries (rainiers and bings) for a family of 4?

Besides eat them till your stomach hurt of course.

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    1. I just had some awesome cherry chutney a friend made when she, similarly, had an opportunity to buy 8 pounds of cherries.

      She said she didn't have a recipe but used a general chutney approach adding some chopped jalapeƱo and chipotle sauce. The chutney retained the sweetness and fruitiness of the cherries and added spiciness and a gentle heat of the chiles.

      Not sure if this is helpful but I hope it's a bit inspirational and, god knows, with 32 pounds you can afford to experiment... ;>

      I hope that other resource points you at some clafouti since, if for no other reason, it gives you permission not to take the time to pit the cherries. The French, you know, think that baking cherries with their pits imparts more flavor.

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        That chutney idea sounds awesome! What would you eat it with?

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          Well, I was saving it for roasted or grilled lamb or pork. My friend suggested it with duck. My daughter opened it and had it over cottage cheese.

      2. Go here: and scroll down to the cherries heading.

        1. 32 pounds sounds like a good canning, drying or freezing project.
          Cherries can and freeze really well. The Rainiers will look blah becoming sort of a yellowish color.

          The one word of advice is you decide to save for later is to pit the cherries now so you don't have to deal with them later.

          1. muddle into cocktails