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Jul 11, 2010 08:26 PM

Good eats in SLC convenient to public transport.

My Yellowstone bus tour ends in SLC on Wednesday morning, August 10. While some folks head to the airport, I am staying in town an extra day to see the sights. That means one breakfast, lunch and dinner on my own. I won't have a car and so am dependant on public transport. I'll be staying downtown. Any good places to eat in that area or near a TRAX station or bus stop? I wouldn't want to travel too far afield, and would prefer plain (read, inexpensive) to fancy. Regional cooking would be a plus.

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  1. Welcome to SLC. For breakfast, try Lambs Grill between First and Second South on Main. For lunch, take Trax east on 4th South to 7th E. Walk one block south to Trolley Square. Eat at the Desert Edge Brew Pub. Great Sandwiches. Best Fr onion soup. Pasta and Salads. Dinner- If you like Mexican, take the 217 or the 517 bus to 7th w and North Temple to the Red Iquana. The Market Street Grill has Seafood, Steaks, Chops, Pasta etc. It's On Market Street between 3rd and 4th south & Main Street and West Temple.

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        I am not an SLC resident but must second the Red Iguana. Best mexican food I have had in the states, quite unique and quite delicious. If taking a bus is daunting, take a cab, it's worth it.

        Red Iguana
        736 W North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84116

      2. Some other suggestions in the downtown area, all a short walk from TRAX (or your hotel possibly.)

        Breakfast: Carlucci's Bakery, near 300 West and 300 South, across from the park. Great pastries - they also have some egg dishes on the menu for breakfast and serve Ibis coffee (from Logan, UT!)

        Lunch: right next door to Carlucci's is Tony Caputo's - an Italian food market and great place for sandwiches. It is usually quite busy for weekday lunch but they are efficient so the wait isn't long.

        Dinner: Settebello, 200 West between 200 and 300 South. Traditional, delicious Napoli pizzas, made with fresh ingredients in a wood fired oven. All of the pizzas, and the arugula salad, are excellent.

        And I have to disagree with Marcko about Market Street Grill - I've been really disappointed with their fish preparation the last several times I've been there. It's mediocre at best.

        Market Street Grill
        260 S 1300 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84102

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          Sorry to hear about the Market Street Grill. It's been I while since I've been there.

          Market Street Grill
          260 S 1300 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84102