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Jul 11, 2010 08:17 PM

Best Source for Grapefruit?

Who has the best juicing grapefruits available for online (or otherwise) purchase? I know some places only have phone numbers and operate word of mouth. Of course, I'd prefer that the shipping costs are not very high.

The fruits lately in the stores are probably hybridized for shipping to the moon and back with their very thick rinds.

A few years ago, I had some awesome ruby reds from Texas. Unfortunately, I don't recall the company.

I know it is not season, but I need a good running start. ;-).


PS, While you are here, can you recommend a good source for peel and eat grapefruits, too?

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  1. I'd also love to know this. It's not easy to find good grapefruits, especially in the northeast... and especially as the season fades away. Lately (in Connecticut), the best grapefruit I can find is at Whole Foods... but that's not exactly a reasonable way to buy quantities of grapefruit (I eat a couple a day - easy)

    1. down in florida, my mom's neighbor has the thin-skinned ones with lots of juice. unfortunately, he doesn't ship. ;-).

      1. This site was recommended for Honeybells in a ChowNews a few years back. I'd imagine they are a good source of grapefruit too.

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          their catalogue is really appealing. (oops, an unintended pun!). thanks for the link, chris.

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            My parents live in New Port Richey and send me a box of oranges and grapefruits every year from a local farmer. I just got the name from them: I've been very pleased with the quality of the fruit. Their website is clunky, but you're not eating a website :-)

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              hey chris, thanks for that. i couldn't get to any grapefruit , though -- only valencias. maybe they only activate those links when they get a crop that they can price....

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                Most citrus is out of season now in Florida. The groves come into production, depending on variety in October through March. Now Mangos, starfruit and figs are abundant. There are many good small groves that ship in season. One is

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                  ospreycove, i'm a florida native, so i'm aware that it isn't season yet. but i do appreciate the link. have you bought from albritton?

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                    Yes, Albritton has their own groves, and is priced right for quality citrus. Another one is Brown's Groves also Sarasota; their website is hard to use; you would do better to call them directly. I know the family and they do all the work themselves, with a few additional farm hands in season. They also have very good quality and prices.

                2. re: alkapal

                  I think that's the case. I'm already looking forward to next year's box!

          2. Pittman and Davis has been around since the 1920s; originally in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas they now also grow in Florida. I've ordered from them many times in the past and never been disappointed but I haven't ordered anything in several years.

            Red Cooper is another one I've heard of but I have no experience with them.



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              We subscribed to Red Cooper for a few years. When they arrived promptly, they were magnificent. Because I live in California, they were sometimes held up in agriculture inspection, which meant we had to sort through to find the good ones. Red Cooper gave us credit when they arrived in less than pristine condition.They only ship in season, which is the winter.

            2. Who has better red grapefruit Texas or Florida. Please recommend growers that ship wonderful sweet grapefruit.

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       Sarasota County, Florida

                As I stated above this is a family operation, and uses minimal chemicals, very reasonable and has excellent citrus. I do not know what they are shipping now besides Valencia Oranges