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Jul 11, 2010 07:48 PM

Moving to Portland, ME

I come from Los Angeles and have been absolutely adoring the food culture there. I am moving to Portland for law school and I am hoping that Portland might be able to offer me a similar experience. Can anyone recommend me some good places that will offer me diversity and flavor? Things like korean bbq, innovative seafood, asian fusion, mexican, etc?

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  1. Portland is a wonderful food town (says this ex-New Yorker). The food here may not be as innovative or exciting as you're used to, but one can eat very very well. I'd check out the Portland Food Map: -- it's a great resource both for food news in town and for an extensive listing of all the restaurants in Portland, including links to reviews, websites, maps, etc.

    Run a search for "Portland" on this board, and you'll see a lot of the most commonly named excellent restaurants (Fore Street, Hugo's, Street and Company) -- I'm personally a big fan of Emilitsa (Greek), Bar Lola (small plates), and Paciarino (Italian).

    Bar Lola
    100 Congress Street, Portland, ME 04000

    468 Fore St, Portland, ME 04101