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Jul 11, 2010 07:06 PM

How to pop really fluffy popcorn?

What is the secret to popping *really* fluffy popcorn?

Am interested in hearing whatever way you have experienced the best results
- Stove
- Air Popper
- Microwave


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  1. I think it's the type of corn that affects it the most. There aren't too many brands available (that are not microwave in a bag) where I live. I like Orville Redenbacker sp?, the best. I just follow the directions on the jar. I use a heavy cast iron dutch oven with great results. I usually don't even need to shake the pan!

    It's just as easy as microwave popcorn without all of those additives.

    I've never used an air popper. I, too, would love to here others experiences.

    1. I do find that the jarred Redenbacher pops fluffier than cheaper brands. But keeping popcorn in a jar in the fridge helps prolong the optimum puffiness regardless of brand. See discussions below, especially on rejuvenating.

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      1. re: greygarious

        Corn In the fridge! Who knew?

        I just bought Eden Organics from Amazon because I am impressed by that brand.

        It will go in the fridge when it arrives. Thanks greygarious!

      2. I generally go for ease & portion control and get microwave popcorn, but the results are much better in a heavy pot on the stovetop. I use a soup pot with a mesh splatter screen instead of the pot's lid so that the steam can escape, so the popped kernals stay fluffier & more tender.

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          the mesh splatter screen -- SLICK trick !!

          Thanks weezycom!

        2. I only make popcorn on the stove, no special equipment, no oil, using generic brand popcorn. Weezy is right: the trick is to make sure there's no condensation.

          I put the kernels in a saucepan on low heat and crack the lid to let the steam escape and the kernels brown, then close the lid once they start popping. It takes a bit of time and patience but my popcorn is always fluffy.

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          1. re: AllaSiciliana

            Wow -- you let your kernels brown first on low? Definitely had not thought of that... Look forward to giving it a try. Thank you AllaSiciliana.

          2. You can pop popcorn in the microwave by just putting regular popcorn in a paper lunch bag. No oil, but you can add salt before popping...

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            1. re: roxlet

              Roxlet, Are you saying, if you do that, it turns out extra fluffy?

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                Roxlet, I've tried this several times and always end up with mostly unpopped kernels and a bunch of burnt mess. Any tips on doing it right?

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                  You can pop popcorn that way but it doesn't usually work too well. That's why the microwave popcorn bags have that gray material on the bag that concentrates the heat on the that portion of the bad that sits on the floor of the microwave.