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Jul 11, 2010 06:42 PM

Montreal for Alouettes game July 21-23

I'm going to be coming into Montreal for the football game, staying for 2 nights (Wednesday the 21st and Thursday the 22nd leaving the next day around dinner time). Just looking for any suggestions for places to eat/pubs with patios. Will be staying at the Intercontinental, looking for more pub type places/sandwich shops. Schwartz's is definately on the menu but other then that open to any suggestions, not looking to spend too much money

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  1. If you're looking for a good pub that also has good food my favourite is Ye Olde Orchard, there are 3 locations, two downtown: one on Prince Arthur near St. Lawrence (5-10 min walk from Molson Stadium) and another on Mountain. The only issue is that there isn't (to my knowledge) much of a terrace at either, though the Mountain location has a few tables outside IIRC. The burgers are good, fries are good and most of the other menu items are decent as well. Prices are affordable, though 8$ is the standard for pints of imports at most bars downtown.

    Ye Olde Orchard
    5563 Av Monkland, Montreal, QC H4A1E1, CA

    1. When in the downtown area, pubs+pation = McKibbins to me (1426 Bishop) a little further from Molson stadium (maybe 20 minutes, maybe depending how fast you can walk up that hill to the stadium). Good food good beer, very nice patio.

      1. Here is a thread with a few options around Prince-Arthur/St-Laurent near the stadium. While the walk is very pleasant, berbatov must be a fast walker - I'd leave a bit longer. La Cabane is a good place for an after-game meal and some beer or wine, there is a good spot for various tartares, and Mazurka is a dependable old Polish restaurant, certainly not expensive. Love the reviews by late, great local foodie (and distinguished medical professional) Mila Oh (moh). Marché 27 for tartares is good too.

        La Cabane doesn't really have a terrasse, but the front windows are open in the summertime.

        By the way, in this lovely summer weather, you may well enjoy a picnic! From the stadium you'll see Mont-Royal, it and Parc Jeanne-Mance just east of it are among likely spots. You'll find lots of picnic food on St-Laurent including prepared salads and some good chicken options - portuguese roast chicken at Coco Rico, several Portuguese grilled chicken places too but there is often quite a wait, and a smoked chicken at ... Schwartz's.

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          thanks for the tips everyone! much appreciated especially if anyone else has any other opinions