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Jul 11, 2010 05:31 PM

Meatopia 2010-reviews?

I was very excited to attend this year although I didn't purchase a enough tastings (only 6)...
Would love to hear the rants and raves of others.
The highlights for me were:
Hill Country--Charles Grund's beef brisket
Little Owl
Barbuto--Waxman's chicken melted in my mouth

My husband and I disagreed on Amanda Freitag's English Lamb Chop. I thought the seasoning was perfection, but my chop had very little meat. My husband received a bigger/meatier portion.

I missed 2 stations and kicking myself for it; If you made it to the The Meatball Shop guys or Mr. Bobo's Traveling BBQ Allstars (Eirc Johnson), I would love to hear what you thoughts were.

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  1. Has there been a previous Meatopia? Geez, why didn't anyone tell me????
    The husband reeeeally liked the Fuhgeddaboutit Pastrami Brisket. We both devoured the Bourbon Infused Mashed Sweet Potatoes @ Mr. Bobo’s Traveling BBQ and after that... we kinda had a hard time finding more food. Alot of vendors were running out fairly early (around 3:15). But it was all good. One vendor was super cool about it and came to the middle of the line and let everyone know about where he thought the food would run out. So we didn't waste our time waiting for nothin'.
    Some vendors were running out of sidedishes. Sue Torres of Suenos Restaurant began giving out her tasty Smoked Duck Tacos for free when she ran out of her Cinnamon Tortillas. So, it worked out, deliciously.
    And wow, what wonderful music! You couldn't help get happy when Roosevelt Dimes filled the air with something akin to Dixieland Jazz. Just joyful music. The StrungOut Stringband sounded fantastic, the volume was a little low, but we sat right next to them and really enjoyed some beautiful mountain music. Lovely fiddle. Plucky Bass. Righteous Harmonica. And I always love some banjo!
    I have to say, it was a great atmosphere. And even when It rained, people just laughed and soaked it up. We ended up chatting with lots of people. Very relaxed. Sitting there underneath those beautiful tall trees, surrounded by such uniquely historical structures. Good Times. Family Friendly. I love it when children show everyone else how to really have a good time and just get right up there in front of the band and dance like there's no tomorrow. So refreshingly innocent and unencumbered.
    After the meat eaters delights @ the Meatball Shop After, we simply could not eat anymore. So I woke myself out of my food coma with a very richly flavored and refreshing Iced Coffee from Dallis Coffee, oldest roasters in Brooklyn I believe.
    After which, we checked out some of the art as part of the No Longer Empty program. Very cool.
    Then we rode our bikes around and enjoyed the cool breezes and unusual sights of this gem of an island oasis that Governor's Island has become.
    To sum it up. A perfect day. My husband said, "The 3 B's: Blues, Beer and BBQ. I'm a happy man."

    Dallis Coffee
    100-30 Atlantic Ave, Queens, NY 11416

    1. Meatopia was a disaster. It's expensive for what you get (miniscule "tastings") and places started to run out of food by 2:30 and it was pretty much all done by 3:30, even though the event was supposed to go until 4:30. Basically, if you didn't get all of your food in by 2:30, you were S.O.L., because as some vendors called it quits early, that just built up the size of the lines at the places that still had food. It was, quite simply, a horribly planned event, and there's really no excuse for it. Hundreds of people were demanding refunds. Big ripoff.

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          That’s a shame. I arrived on the 12pm ferry and had a wonderful time, and left completely stuffed. of course there were some lines I just avoided (smokin' joes for example, and abe & arthurs, and the hurricane club -- I didn't have the patience for that).