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Jul 11, 2010 05:13 PM

An August restaurant feedback

Hi, me again still on the quest of finding decent (nice, good value, good food, CREATIVE)
in Paris in August (2 weekends the 11-13th and the 21st through 24th)

I am using lafourchette (ever heard of it??) to select my restaurants, and checking that they are open in August, which let's face it is the first thing I unfortunately need to worry about.
I had found OTH sombath which was just perfect for my hubby's bday but obviously it is closed..
moving on

Any of you have experience or feedback on that list?
It is a starter. they should be all open in august

Le metropolitain
Le chiberta
Le gayridon
La villa corse rive gauche
Au jardin
Aux trois Nagas
Au gourmand
Citrus Etoile
MBC gilles choukroun

more to come...but let me know if you know amnything about these, They are well rated but I dont know how good this site is.

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  1. somemore
    Le chalet des iles

    looks super cute

    le quinzieme (not sure if it is open in august

    1. Jadis (open??)
      Le chateaubriand (open?)

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      1. re: kirikara

        Au Gourmand is nice. It's open on Saturdays.

      2. "MBC gilles choukroun"
        Let me kick in, by saying that Pti and I had an absolutely dazzling (I'm not allowed to use wonderful or fabulous anymore) meal at MBC today.
        There are pix now at JT's Paris and soon at Chez Ptipois

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        1. re: John Talbott

          I second that. A dazzling meal indeed.

          1. re: Ptipois

            I notice on the site that if one reserves via the site, there is a special deal of three courses (with a choice for each) for every evening except Sunday -- 45 euros with a glass a wine. How does that compare to the standard prices?

            1. re: Nancy S.

              We had lunch which was 19 E for 2 courses, 29 E for three.
              The Figaro site says:
              Menu du midi : 20 €
              Menu du soir : 45-80 €
              Menu à la carte : 40 €
              Ls says:
              A la carte compter de 40Euro à 54Euro.
              ·Pour la carte du soir, 4 plats pour 50Euro, en petites portions, pour l'ensemble de la table.