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Jul 11, 2010 04:54 PM

Best Chicken Parmigiana in Boca/North Broward/South P.B. County

My boyfriend is on a mission to find his favorite chicken parm and so far has not been thrilled with the few places we've gone. If I don't find a good place soon, I'm going to go nuts. LOL

He loves the chicken parm at that place that took over Mark's in Mizner Park, but I don't like the restaurant.

He didn't care for Lilly's version too much either, it was good, not great.

Anybody have a source? I'm not in the mood to cook it. :)

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  1. not cheap, but definitely deelish, is the chicken parm at Casa D'Angelo in Boca.

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    1. Renzo's always makes a good one as well, also not cheap. For Cheap may I recommend Talia's on Dixie Hwy and SPanish River, they also make one of the best meatball parm sandwiches I have had, and their meatball and sausage is also just as good. I call it a sandwich because its served on a toasted Chibata bread.

      P.S. He makes his own sausage.

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          Best chicken parm by far is at Nino's of Boca at 7120 Beracasa Way. Have been going to this restaurant for 20 years and have not had a bad meal. Have great pizza's too.

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            Thank you! Love their pizza, we'll give that a shot.

      1. Give Chez Porky's in Pompano a shot. The restaurant features an outstanding variety of chicken wings and Cajun dishes in addition to ribs, but the most recent time I visited, their chicken parm knocked my socks off. It was moist, tender and of ample proportions. It's located in a small strip shopping center at 105 SW Sixth St.

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        1. re: gimmeseconds

          Thank you! Not where I'd expect to find parm, but worth a shot. :)

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            I can't speak to their chicken parm, but I just wanted to throw in that the wings at this place are definitely a worthwhile experience. The variety is impressive, and the flavors were great, although I haven't been in a year or so.

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              Ok thanks! I can have wings and he can have the parm!