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Jul 11, 2010 04:12 PM

Source for Shaoxing wine in or near Thousand Oaks?

I need a bottle of Shaoxing wine for a recipe and don't want to drive to the closest 99 Ranch market which is nearly an hour away. Anyone know a market near this area that carries Shaoxing Wine?

99 Ranch
17713 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA

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  1. Your best bet in that area might be to use a substitute like dry sherry, or even a dry white wine. Barring that, if you don't want to drive 2 hours roundtrip is to order it online.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      sherry really is a pretty close substitution. That's what I'd do and if you cant find sherry, well it's time to move! ;^)

    2. Try the Asian section of Bristol Farms or Ralphs. I know the Ralphs in Santa Monica regularly carries it.

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      1. re: smfoodie

        I've looked for it in the usual higher end markets (Whole Foods, Gelson's, etc.) and haven't found it up here. Best bet is a trip to chinatown for dim sum and pick up some! (Any excuse to go there for dim sum works for me!!)

        Or u can substitute the rice wine in the recipe for either rice vinegar or broth mixed with white vinegar.

      2. it takes an hour to get to sepulveda and victory in van nuys?
        i think it takes about half an hour if it's not rush hour. at least that's my experience.

        I don't know reseda well, but i think there are some east asian markets there that might carry it. But i'd go to the 99 ranch in van nuys and just stock up.

        good luck.