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Best sources of USDA Prime Beef?

Any suggestions on where one can buy USDA prime beef, preferably available in most common cuts? I know Costco has it sometimes, as does How's, but was hoping there might be some other options...

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    1. Huntington Meats at Farmers Market 3rd and Fairfax. They will also be selling Nancy Silverton's own hamburger meat blend this fall.

      Huntington Meats
      6333 W 3rd St # 350, Los Angeles, CA

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        Did they stop selling it at some point? They've always had Silverton Blend when I've gone, though I stopped going often after moving to Pasadena last year.

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          A problem with Huntington is that their beef is from Harris Ranch, which even when prime is not great. It cannot be compared with the Italian breed of cattle raised in Montana that is sold at Marconda's at the other side of the market. Harris Ranch is good for a supermarket. Lobel's would not give it shelf space; neither would Marconda's

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            It really does have a nice beefy flavor, I've alway's been pleasantly surprised by the quality to price point. Maraconda's is def my go to for BBQ's with their sausages too. Of course If its a special event and I can plan ahead Harvey's guss is the way to go. That guy has mad skills with special requests, just know what you want before you call. He's really a nice guy but can come across as gruff because he's soo busy.

            Harvey's Guss Meat Co
            949 S Ogden Dr, Los Angeles, CA

            Marconda's Meats
            6333 West 3rd Street [Stall 514], Los Angeles, CA 90001

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              I stopped by Huntington Meats yesterday to pick up their Nancy Silverton-blend ground beef -- it makes outstanding hamburgers, meatloaf, and meatballs. They also carry Snake River Farms American Kobe, in addition to the Harris Prime (and many non-beef items).

          2. The Meat House in Costa Mesa.

            1. Harvey's Guss Meat Company. Not in my part of town, but hailed by many. Does anyone recall if Harvey's used to be on Venice Blvd in Mar Vista?


              The Marina del Rey Costco seems to alway have prime-grade NY strips, ribeye, and top sirloin on hand; the filet mignon is on occasion now. They selection goes up around the holidays. Usually prime-grade prime rib bone-in and boneless shows up as well as the filets.

              1. Alexander's Meats, inside Howie's Ranch Market in San Gabriel. Marconda's in the Farmers Market.

                Howie's Ranch Market
                6580 N San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA

                1. Beef Palace in Huntington Beach.

                  1. How's Markets has USDA prime beef. They have some great sales on prime beef too!! But be careful, not all meats are USDA Prime at How's.

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                      So does Gelson's, Whole Foods, and Bristol Farms, with IMO Bristol Farms dry aged being the best of the supermarkets. McCall's Meat in Los Feliz looks promising for independent.

                    2. Costco sells Prime cuts for $10.99 - NY cuts, I believe. Deeply marbled

                      1. Bob's Market in Santa Monica at Ocean Park and 17th has prime beef. It's a trip but I go and stock up. Bristol Farms every once in a while has it but Bob's always has it.

                        1. Ralphs flagship store, on Ventura and Vineland sells prime as well as choice beef - in the butcher case not on the shelves. Jim's Fallbrook Market has Harris Ranch prime, but is rather pricy.