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Jul 11, 2010 01:32 PM

Help with a Bachelorette

Hi. I have to plan my sister's bachelorette from clear across the country. I need some help.

What we are looking for: Just 4 girls. We want to start at a wine bar, then move on to a lively restaurant with food that is not too fancy, but delicious. Ideally, the restaurant will be a place where people will buy my sister shots and hoot and holler over the bachelorette.

After dinner, we will head to Adams Morgan for dancing the night away, then end up at some gay strip club in Dupont.

We need to be able to park the car and either walk or cab it from venue to venue. Adams Morgan is a must as is Dupont. I am essentially looking for places around that area. wine bar and fun restaurant options.


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  1. Just a few ideas to consider... you might want to start at Cork Wine Bar on 14th St. where you can get some very nice food items to go with your wine -- check their menu online. Cork might be "too fancy" for what you are looking for. Veritas is another wine bar near Dupont Circle (I haven't been). Another place to begin might be Churchkey - a very popular new bar on 14th St. - great beer list, not really a wine bar, but I think you'd like the atmosphere there - just be sure to arrive early enough to get a table. Lines form on the street for this place. 14th St. is about a 15-20 min. walk from Dupont Circle.

    There is a bar in Adams Morgan with a great beer list that also serves food - I have heard the food is good. On my one attempt to check it out, we arrived after the kitchen had closed, so we had to fetch food from Amsterdam Falafel next door to eat with our beer. Your wanting "a place where people will buy my sister shots and hoot and holler over the bachelorette" makes me suggest this place. (The hooting and hollering in a restaurant part of your request has me a bit stumped.)

    Cork Wine Bar
    1720 14th St NW Ste 1, Washington, DC 20009

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      I just noticed that I didn't mention the name of the "bar in Adams Morgan with a great beer list that also serves food" --it's the Black Squirrel.

      The Black Squirrel
      2427 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

    2. You will find that there are a limited number of restaurants in DC that will fit your atmosphere criteria. The DC scene tends to be a bit more reserved. (this doesn't apply to the bars in Adams Morgan or Dupont. Patrons will be more than willing to make an enormous deal about the bachelorette) Some restaurants that might offer you this atmosphere would be Old Glory or possibly Mie N Yu in Georgetown, Clydes in Gallery Place, and The Front Page in Dupont. If you would like a trendy, festive, and fun atmosphere, without the hooting and holler, I would check out Oya or Zaytinya in Gallery Place, Marvin or Churchkey in U Street, or Perry's in Adams Morgan.

      Mie N Yu
      3125 M Street, NW, Washington, DC 20007

      701 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

      Old Glory
      3139 M St. N.W., Washington, DC 20007