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Jul 11, 2010 01:10 PM

Real fresh, delicious tomato decadence, how would you splurge???

OK, so I was off in the land of delicious tomatoes and I couldn't help myself: I overbought. (I'm sure you'll understand when you realize I live at over 7000 feet in the Rockies and home grown tomatoes are scarce in August, let alone the beginning of July.)

Anyway, in my enthusiasm, I bought 5 pounds of these perfectly ripe beauties. I've eaten about one fifth of them sliced or out of hand (and enjoyed every slurping moment), but I think they may turn on me before I munch through them at this rate.

So what would you do? I'm kind of thinking gazpacho, but don't have a killer recipe; do you? I am also VERY open to other ideas. (Caprese is probably out because I only have access to rubber mozzarella and sub-standard basil.) Sharing is an option, lol.

Thanks from your pal the blissful tomato pig.

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  1. IMHO you can't go wrong with tomatoes, 2 slices of white toast and a smear of either mayo or Miracle Whip. Trashy, Summer decadence.

    Or, depending on what else you have kicking around, roasted ratatouille is perfect for it:

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        +2, but Miracle Whip is bane of my existence. Use Mayo so you can taste the tomato, and not just sugary Miracle Whip glop.

    1. I just got a small bushel of tomatoes from my local farmer that all had a bad spot or two, who cares for $2? He was amazed when I told him what I planned. I went right home, poured some cheap olive oil over, adding just a little salt and pepper and garlic powder (most people would use fresh garlic but too much trouble for me) and put them in the convection oven for about an hour at 400 degrees, stirring whenever I noticed a little blackening. I am now going to boil some pesto filled tortellini (Trader Joes) and mix with the tomatoes and some fresh herbs from the garden and I am sure it will be one of the most memorable meals of the summer. Served hot tonight and cold leftovers tomorrow. I"ve done this with tomatoes before and it freezes beautifully too.

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        That sounds delish and so easy! I'll have to remember that when I overbuy in a few short weeks.

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          I just put the water on to boil, I'll let you know any tweaks later!

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            Found some proscuitto sitting around and sauteed it first til crispy, and it ended up being an entire meal. A little bland at first, but addition of red pepper flakes and some parmesan cheese solved that.

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          The other night for a little dinner party, I just sliced some tomatoes and Vidalia onions and some basil on top. Along with corn, squash casserole and leg of lamb done on the grill, it was a great summertime dinner.

        2. Marcella Hazan's Tomato Sauce 1 or 2 recipe.

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            I've only fixed the one with butter and onion and only used canned. Fresh, really good tomatoes would put something really good into another realm, I'm sure.

          2. There just isn't any such thing as too many tomatoes.

            Tomato sandwiches, fried tomatoes (in the fried tomatoes thread Givemecarbs passed on the idea for tomato gravy that uses the odds and ends and juices of the tomato), marinara, spinach tomato pie, salsa, rosa sauce . . .

            I love to marinate sliced tomatoes in olive oil, with minced garlic and fresh herbs. I use them on bread and pizza. I've also used them in a summer grinder that pairs the tomatoes with grilled veggies (asparagus, red pepper and onion) and cheese in an italian roll that is baked until the cheese melts.

            Overbought? Nay.

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              plus one on the tomato pie! My favorite way to eat tomatoes!