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Jul 11, 2010 12:48 PM

Vegetarian Chinese Food

Just had vegetarian Chinese (mock meat) from Golden Empress. It was good, but not great. Where is the best vegetarian Chinese?

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  1. I don't know if I'd call it great, but Kingdom of Vegetarians is pretty good and has a multi-course dim sum that's definitely interesting. And if you haven't been to Han Dynasty yet, get over there pronto and get the spicy cucumbers.

    1. It's been quite a few years, but went with vegetarina friends to Charles Plaza 234 N. 10th street-------very good food, used seitan i think------not sure how it is now, but whatever our friends ordered up was delicious at the time.

      1. We like Singapore for dining in and Kingdom of Vegetarians for delivery. Are you specifically looking for mock meat, though, or just non-meat dishes? We like both places for mock meat but we haven't ordered a lot of strictly vegetable dishes without the soy/wheat gluten component, so there could be better places to get vegetables. Up until recently Singapore didn't deliver, which is why we would get delivery from Kingdom of Vegetarians. They now do deliver but I think we'll keep both places on-tap as both are good for different things.

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          Thanks, what are your recommended dishes at the two places?

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            We pretty much always go with General Tsos Chicken, though I will say that I prefer it from Kingdom of Vegetarians* whereas my bf (a carnivore) prefers it from Singapore. The pieces are smaller at KOV so there is less meat to breading ratio making it more crispy--good for me but I could understand why others wouldn't like it as much. I've recently begun greatly enjoying the Chicken Lo Mein at Singapore as well...the Beef or Pork Lo Mein is good too, and they are usually happy to customize a dish if they don't have exactly what you want on the menu. And, I like the Orange Beef or Sesame Beef there too, though the amount of sauce they put on greatly effects my feelings for it on a given night. For appetizers we like Crispy Spring Rolls and almost any of the 6 or so different kinds of dumplings they offer. At Kingdom of Vegetarians I enjoy the Sesame Chicken, which you can get in either appetizer or entree sized portions. As you can see, we are pretty "basic" eaters, but the menus are both places (most particularly Singapore) are huge so you can go crazy if you prefer more exotic options than what we like. Speaking about Singapore definitely and likely Kingdom of Vegetarians too, I can say that many of the dishes contain fried "meats," meaning they are heavier than some healthier options might be. Some dishes do have non-fried versions of the "meats" but I find this to be more an exception than the rule. Perhaps it's what I am ordering.

            *Just a caveat I wanted to add--though it makes us sound like airheads we have had issues differentiating between Kingdom of Vegetarians and New Harmony. From what I can gather via Google the owner from one restaurant left and started the other one. But, I'm not sure which restaurant is which as somewhere along the line the phone number from one place transferred to the other one. They have nearly identical menus, but when we accidentally ordered from one instead of the other we got food that was not nearly as good. I'm sorry that I can't clarify which is which (don't hate me for sounding like an idiot!) as it was our most recent time ordering that left us confused about the less-superior food we received, and we haven't ordered since to try and solve the mystery. All three restaurants, though, are incredibly cheap--to the point where you almost feel bad about not paying more-- so it almost seems worth ordering the same dishes at all of them to find your favorites

        2. LOVE LOVE LOVE New Harmony as does the ultra carnivore husband! The "pork" rolls are simply sinful!

          1. su xing house is pretty good:

            mi lah vegetarian is sort of asian-fusion-ish, but good within that category:

            both are in center city.