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Jul 11, 2010 12:04 PM

Un-seasoned cast iron cookware


This is my first post and I have a question. I'm looking to buy high quality cast iron pans, and I'm looking for companies that make un-seasoned or un-preseasoned pans. A lot of them are now preseasoning the pans for you but I'd rather do it myself. I looked but I could only find preseasoned ones. Also, what's enameled cast iron?

Thank You

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  1. Yike. It is more difficult to look for unseasoned cast iron cookware than seasoned ones. To be honest, I don't know. I just bought mine and than baked out the seasoning surface in the self-cleaning oven.

    Enameled cast iron cookware are cast iron cookware with porcelain enamel surface.

    1. Iwata Japanese cast iron might be the highest quality around, or at least the most expensive

      1. Chinese stores all sell unseasoned cast iron pans, if they have them.

        1. The so-called preseasoned pans are not truly ready to go. You really need to go through the process (i.e. rub with lard/oil, heat in oven or stovetop) the pan 3 or 4 times before challenging it with something like fried eggs. Preseasoning is just having the first round completed at the factory. I woudn't select a pan based on whether it was preseasoned or not. They will all be the same once they are ready to cook on.

          If you do find an unseasoned pan, be sure to clean it thoroughly with soap and water first, as it may be coated with mineral oil to prevent rusting or have leftover cutting oil from the machining process.

          1. There is a caveat to what you are looking for and that is that an unseasoned pan needs to be coated to prevent it from rusting. I have purchased both types and I would rather have a seasoned new pan than an unseasoned new pan. It can be a lot of work getting the coating off of an unseasoned pan. I'd rather have a coating that is 100% safe to cook on and build up additional seasoning through cooking or re-seasoning. If you must start from scratch you will not have to worry if you miss a little on a seasoned pan.