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Good restaurants in vicinity of P.N.E?

After moving from the Cambie and West 17th area, I find that Hastings Sunrise area limited in good cheap eats. Sure, there are cheap eats here but the quality is lacking and the hygiene more questionable.

I especially miss the breakfasts, Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants that I frequented along Cambie and Main Street.

Can someone offer some good eats in my new neighbourhood? I don't mind going to the West part of Burnaby. I hear there are good eats in Commercial Drive but I detest huge lineups.

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  1. have heard the roundel is pretty decent but have never been

    1. Seri Malaysia, Le Do (Vietnamese - one of the better ones in the entire city, actually), Roundel (though I'm not a breakfast person), Pelican, On Lok (for cheap noodle house fare).

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        On Lok, and not include Penny's ?!? ;-)

        1. re: LotusRapper

          That used to be a regular spot for us (when my wife was pregnant with our first, she ate a lot of their Chicken Corn soup)...but the quality really deteriorated a few years back so I haven't been there in quite a while. How is it these days?

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            Haven't gone to Penny's myself for years. Funny, the few odd times a year when I get those late-nite hunger pangs that can only be satisified by MSG'd fatty Chinese food, I'd ventured out to On Lok even though Congee Noodle and Kwongchow are minutes from me. Guess On Lok is kind of nostalgic :-)

      2. Actually for "standard" casual Cantonese fare like rice, noodles and congee, kitty corner from On Lok is "Wonton Noodles Restaurant" a small but attentive place:


        From PNE, further west along Hastings, just past Clark Drive, is Au Petit Chavignol (restaurant side of Les Amis du Fromage) ...... definitely worth the trip, but not really in the cheap eats category.

        On Hastings between Renfrew & Nanaimo is a plethora of Vietnamese, Chinese restos. For Chinese, Louis Garden just west of Slocan is reliable. All the Viet restos seem the same to me quality-wise, so I usually go by price and value. But Bao Chau just east of Slocan is notable for their very good fried Viet rolls, I used to go there just to buy them to bring to potlucks :-D

        Recently some Latin American fare has been added to the area (El Barrio on Hastings just west of Nanaimo, and la Pupusa Loca on Nanaimo & Adanac). I've yet tried these two.

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          Pass on El Barrio. I haven't been to Pupusa Loca either. El Purgacito serves edible food, but not really notable.

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            Thanks Fmed, Reviews of El Barrio seem quite mixed.

            El Barrio Restaurant
            2270 Hastings St E, Vancouver, BC V5L1V4, CA

        2. I should add: The Danube at Hastings and Boundary.

          There may be good Thai to be had at Thai Bistro at Hastings and Gilmore (we sampled some of their skewers at the Burmese Food Fest at Trout Lake a couple of weeks ago. Very good.)

          Burgers Etc (thought I'm personally not a fan - lots of people like them though).

          Bombay Bel for decent Indian.

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            Can you tell me more about The Danube fmed? We drove by the other day and were intrigued but didn't have time to check it out. What sort of menu? price point? ambience?

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              The owners used to run Budapest on Main St. The menu well priced. The serve my favourite schnitzel in town. Good goulash and a few other Eastern European classics. The place is bright and airy - with high up skylights and galss all around.


              1. re: fmed

                Hey thanks Fmed. I love a good schnitzel, but admittedly don't go out of my way seeking them in town. The pic you have of Danube's schnitzel look good. I also share the same interest for good tonkatsu, and chicken fried steak I might add (there's a pattern here ........)

                1. re: fmed

                  "The owners used to run Budapest on Main St."

                  Does that mean (hopeful look) that they have langos, the fry bread with the whole clove of raw garlic? I was so sad when Budapest closed even though it was replaced by the worthy Latitude...

                  1. re: grayelf

                    What was the Russian restaurant that used to occupy where The Five Point is now in the Heritage Hall ? I always meant to go there but now it's too late.

                  2. re: fmed

                    Thanks! I'm so glad to hear that they opened a new restaurant. We went to Budapest once when we first moved into the area and had a great meal (really authentic goulash and langos) and then when we tried to go back it was gone. We'll definately make the trek over to check it out.

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                      Maybe we should arrange a chowdown there, islandgirl?

              2. Thanks for the suggestions. Penny's and On Lok use to be my old haunt but I've been spoiled by Kwong Chow on Cambie and Congee Noodle on Broadway. I'm going to check out the Malaysian, Thai and Mexican places suggested above. I'll have to revisit Bau Chau. The last time I was there the place was unappetizing because of the appearance and smell of uncleanliness. But I keep hearing good things about it.

                I love Bombey Bel. Also found a great Vietnamese place on Nanaimo and Broadway (sorry, forget the name.) It's across from Bon's. My family took me to a Chinese restaurant called "Happy?" in the T&T complex at Renfrew and 1st. Not bad. Also, the Chinese restaurant across the street on Renfrew was excellent but a little pricier. I noticed a lineup during dim sum. Have to see how it compares with Kirin.

                Keep those suggestions coming!

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                1. re: maxmillan

                  You mean Kwongchow on Main (btwn 15/16) ?

                  BTW, in the vicinity of On Lok, the place kitty corner across the street called Wonton Noodles is quite good, esp. for late night snacks:


                  Viet restaurant across from Bon's is called Thien Kim:


                  And the "happy" restaurant in the T&T complex at Renfrew is called Happy King. Used to be called Happy Date.

                  1. re: LotusRapper

                    The Vietnamese place could also be Mui Ngo Gai (which is literally across from Bon's in the space formerly occupied by Song Huong). I hear it is quite good and serves some unusual (for Vancouver) dishes. I have not been.

                    1. re: fmed

                      And speaking of Song Huong...it is one of my faves for Vietnamese. (Nanaimo and 1st-ish)

                      1. re: fmed

                        just to clarify thiem kim is on the south-west corner of nanaimo beside the bank

                        1. re: vandan

                          I stand corrected. Fmed is correct, it's Mui Ngo Gai across from Bon's:


                      2. re: LotusRapper

                        Thanks to LotusRapper for correcting me. Yes, KwongChow is on Main which reminds me how many times I've mistakenly circled Cambie looking for it.

                        I'll have to check out Wonton Noodle because I like late hour snackng.

                        Wonton Noodle Restaurant
                        4008 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z2X8, CA

                        1. re: maxmillan

                          But if you're on Main St btwn King Edward and 26th and you see "Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant", don't worry. you are indeed on Main St ;-)


                    2. As I was traveling along Hastings, I notice Louis Garden Restaurant (Slocan & Hastings) was gone and replaced with a restaurant I think is called Leda???

                      From what it's signage it says specializes in Southern Chinese Cuisine and Beef Balls?

                      Has that been there long? Anyone Been?

                      For geographical reference it's in the strip mall where the Laughing Bean Coffee shop is.

                      Louis Garden Restaurant
                      2683E Hastings St E, Vancouver, BC V5K1Z5, CA

                      1. I lived in the area for 2 years and LOVED it, but I feel ya on this one. A lot of people have mentioned the viet and chinese places, and you say you love Bombay Bhel, so I'll stick to other recs.

                        You mentioned liking breakfast places, and Dockers Diner at Victoria and Powell was one of my absolute faves. Very charming breakfast joint, and they know how to soft poach an egg.

                        And a quebecoise friend of mine said that Frenchies on Hastings (between Nanaimo & Renfrew) had the best poutine in the city. Not the healthiest, but yummy.

                        On a related note, have you tried Tony Parson's Poor Italian on Rupert and 1st? It opened after I left the hood and I was wondering what people thought.

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                        1. re: bennylover42

                          The Poor Italian Restaurant has taken our neighbourhood by storm. We like it because it's fine dining without the downtown prices or the hassle of driving long distances. My husband and I like to walk over there a couple of times a month. We know of many folks who come in regularly from as far as the north shore, West Van and Kits. The food is really good. The pesto linguini is a particular favourite of ours. Really worth a try. Especially if you're on your way to or from a Lion's game at Empire Bowl.

                          1. re: cutiemctootie

                            Bo Laksa King just east of Nanaimo on Hastings

                            Thai Hang on Hastings for bo 7 mon after 3 pm (ask for yellow specials menu).

                            Thai Hang Restaurant
                            1 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A3Y5, CA

                            Bo Laksa King
                            4910 Joyce St, Vancouver, BC V5R, CA

                          2. re: bennylover42

                            My friend's opinion on the Poor Italian - meh.

                          3. Tried the Red Wagon on East Hastings near Nanaimo and it wasn't bad. I had a pulled pork sandwich and my BF had an omelette. Still looking for a good wonton or ramen noodle restaurant near the Hastings-Sunrise area.

                            1. Tried Le Petit Saigon at 2783 East Hastings and it's very good! Now I have a nearby Vietnamese restaurant for those Pho cravings. And I think they make the best deep fried spring rolls. Their dipping sauce is the best, too.

                              The place has gone through renos and is very clean. The service is great. The Pho, chicken, everything is very clean tasting, ie, NOT greasy, nor overly salty or MSGsy.

                              The last dish I had, grilled chicken was so tender, and flavourful. One of the best Pho as well. The broth is clean and subtle, just the way it should be.

                              Will definitely go here instead of that smelly greasy Bao Chao.

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                              1. re: maxmillan

                                LPS is definitely a local gem there.

                                And across The Red Wagon is Campagnolo Roma.

                                The new Via Tevere (pizzeria) is on Victoria Dr/William St, albeit outside of the Hastings/Sunrise district.

                                And as you prolly know, a few mins (by car) east along Hastings to Burnaby Heights will provide you a few more delicious options: http://www.followmefoodie.com/2012/04...


                                1. re: LotusRapper

                                  My favourite Japanese in the vicinity is Take Sushi down near Willingdon, but I also like Blowfish near Renfrew. They have a brown rice option. I only tried it once, but the Nanaimo Sushi--the latest incarnation in this very difficult location--wasn't bad.

                                  1. re: readhead

                                    I second Take Sushi. The riced used is very good and used in good proportion. It is never overcooked or too wet. If you like rolls, their lunch specials are of great value.

                                    1. re: readhead

                                      Nanaimo Sushi let me down so many times I'll never go back.

                                      1. re: 1newyorkguy

                                        Nanaimo sushi is good for their hot foods and Tentastu is better for sushi. However, Nanaimo Sushi has a good daily special sushi.

                                2. I also recommend that Danube. Really authentic Czech and Russian food at great prices. Superb flavours - just like my grandmother makes. Proper dumplings and goulash!

                                  1. TacoFino on East Hastings, across from Donald's Market/Churches Chicken has great Mexican food. I don't think it's authentic but the fish taco is amazing! Nachos are good and they have a huge selection of tequila. Decor is quite unique and the bench seat offers a great community feel. They use to serve from a food truck. If you go in the summer, be prepared to sweat. The lights and no air conditioning amps up the heat factor!

                                    I'm just waiting for a good ramen noodle restaurant, Indian and Taiwanese restaurant to open up in this area.

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                                      TacoFino is great! Their Mexican version of poutine is to die for. Sadly, that's generally the case with carb/fat-laden poutine... I especially appreciate they are willing to make whatever they can vegetarian.

                                    2. Teriyaki Bowl on Hastings is run by a lovely Japanese couple and they make delicious teri-don bowls. Not sure about sushi, etc., but I like the dons.

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                                      1. re: brokentelephone

                                        FYI- the teriyaki bowl place was solid but it's now closed. There is a different sushi restaurant there now.

                                      2. Trying to convince my friend to open a good ramen house along Hastings. I think they're waiting for the expansion of London Drugs.

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                                        1. re: maxmillan

                                          That would be great! There's nothing like that in the area

                                        2. There's Hakkaku Ramen on Hastings just east of Beta in Burnaby. I've not been, a friend who lives on Capitol Hill has, and she says they're ok but it all depends on your ramen standards and your experience with other ramen joints in the city.

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                                          1. re: LotusRapper

                                            I'm going to read the reviews on Hakkaku Ramen and see if it's worthy of my trying it out.

                                            I've been informed of Duotian Fish Soup Noodles Restaurant on East 1st and Renfrew (T & T)

                                            Their noodle sounds interesting. Just like Jame's restaurant on Hastings you pick the type of soup base, type of noodles and two toppings (extra for more.) The fish soup base is interesting so I'll have to check it out, too.

                                          2. FYI: The Danube has closed. It's been replace by a Chinese restaurant called No. 1 Chinese Restaurant.

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                                            1. re: moyenchow

                                              Aw, nuts, never did make it out there (though we tried a couple times). Nowhere left for a good Hungarian fix... will have to wait for Bar Tartine's langos in SF...

                                              1. re: moyenchow

                                                This new place is of the cheap-like-borscht variety though. And it seems busy quite often. Not as busy as the one down by Kootenay Loop, Golden Lake I think it's called. That one gets raves left-and-right.

                                              2. A new old school soda fountain shop is coming to North Burnaby ... Glenburn Soda Fountain Shop (http://glenburnsoda.wordpress.com/201...


                                                Hmm first Chez Meme opens for dinner, a mid range Vietnamese opens in Broken Rice and now a soda shop. Things are looking interesting in North Burnaby.

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                                                  1. re: moyenchow

                                                    Olde school ? Nah. This is olde school:


                                                    There was one on Hastings around Delta Av. (N. Bby) when I was growing up there in the 'hood :-)

                                                    1. re: LotusRapper

                                                      The Pop Shoppe !! I loved that place ... we frequented the one on Royal Oak in Burnaby growing up.

                                                      1. re: jmil

                                                        Oh I vaguely remember that one. Was it around Imperial where the SkyTrain station is now ? Or was it further south around Rumble ?

                                                        1. re: LotusRapper

                                                          Ya it was at Rumble and Royal Oak !

                                                    2. re: moyenchow

                                                      Having moved into the 'hood recently, I find myself increasingly optimistic about the food options in the Heights. I was, however, sad to lose the Danube. I have it on good authority the owners just wanted to downsize and open up more of a cafe style place nearer their home (Coquitlam? Port Moody?) Folks out there should keep an eye open for new Hungarian cafes.

                                                      Now, if only the two Heights bars served edible food and reflected the quaintness of much of the rest of the 'hood... I'm new here, so I'm going to have a poke around to see if there's a current thread on Heights eateries.

                                                      1. re: readhead

                                                        Hey readhead, welcome to the Hound house! Great to hear that the Danube may rise again (lucky burbs!) and looking forward to hearing what else you discover in your new, up and coming food hood.

                                                        1. re: grayelf

                                                          Thank you! I've taken a look around and can't seem to find a thread specific to the Heights, although this one covers the general area, and there's a lot of cross-over, so I suspect posting my feedback here would be the preference to the group? I don't want to start an unnecessary thread.

                                                      2. re: moyenchow

                                                        Was not impressed with Broken Rice. Tried the basic pho and a lemongrass chicken rice dish to see if they can make a good typical Vietnamese dish. I've had better in most other restaurants. The spring roll is the worst I've had because it was not Vietnamese ( more like a Chinese egg roll) and the oiliest I've ever had. The price point is too high especially for this quality of food. Don't let the decor fool you into thinking this is quality.

                                                        1. re: moyenchow

                                                          The Soda Fountain Shop is very limited in menu. They don't even have banana split which is so iconic to a "fountain shop."

                                                        2. Update: Pho Don on 2838 East Hastings ( on the same strip as the Tom & Jerry restaurant) is worth a try. Yummers! Try the hot and sour seafood noodle soup and their amazing crispy skin duck! And the Pelican Chinese restaurant on East Hastings and Victoria must have a new owner and chef because it is much improved. One word - fresh! Dim sum is okay. It's the seafood, especially, that is outstanding. Other dishes are very well done as well. Service much improved, too. Price point is a tad higher but well worth it. Finally, a good Chinese restaurant in My hood'.

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                                                          1. re: maxmillan

                                                            And in the same strip plaza is Italia Bakery, which has AMAZING ....... everything !



                                                            My faves are the sfogliatelle, mini fruit flan, baci di dama (dipped butter/chocolate cookie sandwich), cannolis, lemon moon cookie, tiramisu, st. honore and the volcano cake. Gotta try the volcano cake !

                                                            My GP ought to place a restraining order on me to not go near 500 ft of them.

                                                          2. There's a new-ish Palestinian restaurant (Tamam) on Hastings near Nanaimo that I quite enjoyed for lunch a month or two ago. Service was a bit slow though.